TRESAcic brings together residents in Totterdown with the aim of improving and protecting our local environment and to promote a vibrant cultural life.

If you live in this wonderful part of Bristol called Totterdown, then this is your website as well. Let us know about your events, issues and local stories. Get involved with our campaigns - we can only help Totterdown with your action too.

This is Totterdown. This is your home...

Residents Parking Survey

TRESA would like your views about a Residents Parking Scheme (RPS) for Totterdown. This can be a divisive subject: at our public meeting about one third of people were against, one third in favour and Read More

Micro loan fund for businesses

The Quartet Community Foundation has established a micro loan fund and is welcoming loan applicants.  If you have a great business idea or want to expand your business but have been refused a loan fr Read More

Survey about park maintenance

Bristol City Council are ending the outsourcing of the maintenance of parks from February 2015, bringing the service in-house. The budget will be reduced by £500,000 which is likely to mean the end t Read More

20x15 Green Idea no. 3 - Loft Insulation

Heating your home isn’t cheap, and with the price of gas, electricity and oil going up all the time, it seems to cost more every winter to stay warm. To save money you need to stop the heat escap Read More

Residents Parking: response from Mayor George Ferguson

TRESA has received a response from Mayor George Ferguson (attached) to our letter expressing concerns about residents' parking. In summary, there are no immediate plans to implement a residents parkin Read More