2020-02-19 TRESA minutes

Minutes of TRESA directors meeting on 19 February 2020, 7.30pm at the Star and Dove

Present: Geoff Allan, Simon Hobeck, Carolyn Jones, Suzanne Audrey, Anne Silber, Nick Walters. Jez Welsh was present for the discussion about Zone A only.

Apologies: Linn Waite, Claire Radford, Michelle Clare-Hudson

Zone A

TRESA has been turned down for CIO status. Burgess Salmon are still helping JW. Despite enquiries, the Charity Commission have not responded to the question about whether Zone A can be transferred from a charity to a community interest company. The best solution may be to revive TACA. JW will draft an article to see if he can recruit new trustees for TACA. Some direct approaches may also be helpful. A meeting to be arranged when new trustees are identified.  Action: GA/AS/JW

Minutes of the last meeting


Matters arising

Air quality monitors: Mark Bailey was contacted re air quality monitor at Victoria Park school. He was worried if parents see bad air quality results, they may be unhappy about their children attending the school. An alternative, if we want a monitor on St Lukes Road, might be the church at the bottom of Sylvia Avenue. A monitor is also needed on Bath Road. SH will test the monitor and approach The Thunderbolt.  Action: SH

Trees: AS has bought a new apple tree, which has been planted, and has emailed the council about the damaged tree at the bottom of Park Street. SA contacted Places for People and met someone who was not very helpful over replacing the missing trees. SA to investigate BCC money for tree planting to see if TRESA could organise their replacement.  Action: SA

Zone N: SH met the council officer on site, but no further action while the officer is waiting for quotes and approval of expenditure. SH to continue to liaise.  Action: SH

Mayoral hustings: It seems unlikely that Marvin Rees will attend. SH to continue to organise the hustings. A timetable has been set but can be adapted if Marvin Rees decides to come. All directors are encouraged to keep the date free and to attend on the night.  Action: SH/All

Clean Air Zone: SA attended a Scrutiny meeting and specifically asked questions about Totterdown. Modelling showed that air quality will improve at Three Lamps and on St Johns Lane – although it was not clear what assumptions are included in the models (e.g. people changing their cars).

Access to Temple Meads station: SA went to a Scrutiny presentation where a southern gateway entrance was talked about, from the Kwik Fit site on Bath Road. SA to send information to all directors so that individuals can email support for the southern gateway entrance.  Action: SA

Future speakers: David Saunders will come to the May 20th meeting to speak about solar panels scheme for Totterdown. A larger room may need to be booked.  Action: GA

Directors reports

Treasurer: Nothing major to report. Approx. £12,000 bank balance.

Company Secretary: All up to date.

Membership: 92 members, 14 friends. AS chasing up members who need to renew.  Action: AS

Web editor: Nothing to report.

E-Talk of Totterdown: NW apologised for missing two issues but will endeavour to send out the early March issue. The hustings will be advertised.  Action: NW

Talk of Totterdown: This issue is out for delivery. Next issue will be early June.


Totterdown Sprouting. Orchard is fine. JN has pruned the trees. AS has put the orchard on the BS3 wildlife map. There is a wildlife corridor to Arnos Vale but a lot of rubbish at the top of Thunderbolt Steps. AS to report it as fly tipping. Zone A bushes need to be pruned. A working party will take place this Sunday 23rd Feb at 2.00pm. We need signs to discourage dog’s mess. Suitable signs to be investigated.  Action: All

Stanley Hill rat run: A meeting with the BCC contact has been delayed. Signs have gone up to say Bathwell Road is closed for12 months. AS emailed Cllr Jon Wellington about inconvenience to residents, but he explained that residents have been consulted. It may be an opportunity for a ‘natural experiment’ of the road closure which may also ease the Stanley Hill rat run.

Air monitors: the monitor at the Baptist church is working well and showing some interesting spikes of poor air quality. GA suggested putting up more monitors e.g. New Walls, Bath Road, Wells Road and some of the side roads. An article to go on the website asking people if they are interested in having a monitor on their property.  Action: GA

Thursday Clean Air Day: 18th June 2020. We will look into setting up a stall on Totterdown Square which can also communicate the Mayor’s plans for the CAZ.  Action: All


HMOs: There is a consultation. All should comment in support of the proposals. There is also an article in the Talk of Totterdown.  Action: All

WECA proposals for new roads: BCC will consider the proposals at a meeting on 3rd March. There is a 38degrees petition against new road building if anyone wants to sign it.

Joint Local Transport consultation: All to try to contribute and support the proposals for improvements along Wells Road through Totterdown.  Action: All

Cookery School in Totterdown Square: Has planning permission.


Great Get Together: SA to take a lead on an event in Totterdown Square based on sharing food, including as many of the businesses as possible.  Action: SA

Trees on Higham Green: AS to liaise about a place to move them.  Action: AS

Registering Zone A as a Town Green: This will stay as one of the options.

Membership survey: Online version is ready. SH to send to CJ. A PDF version needs to be sorted out for printing hard copy to be returned in the existing TRESA post boxes. Some hard copies can also be available at the Great Get Together stall.  Action: SH/CJ

Art Trail: There is no organiser and concerns that it may not happen this year. TRESA to publicise that a new organiser is needed, and anyone interested should go through the Frontroom Facebook.

New vicar at Methodist church. CJ to contact her and perhaps write an article in the Talk of Totterdown.  Action: CJ