2013-02-19 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA meeting, 7.30pm 19th February 2013, Star and Dove

Attendance: Committee:, Suzanne Audrey, Carolyn Jones, James Chequer, Nick Walters, Patrick Hulme.

Apologies: Simon Birkbeck,Hannah Condrey, Geoff Allen, Alex Allen
1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that there was a balance of £4,194.12 in the current account and £528.38 in the savings account. We were continuing to receive tranches of money from the Council representing the Section 106 money. into the account from Bristol City Council of £2.578.46 on 4 January 2013. Section 10 money received so far was as follows:-
2. Company Secretary

There was no Company Secretary report.
3. Membership Report

Nick handed Patrick membership subs of £3 in cheques and £20 in cash.

Nick had now arranged to send out letter to new membersto encourage them to get involved.

Nick agreed to look at PATCO postbox to see if it could be made more accessible. Action: Nick

Gaines Greengrocers have agreed to host a box. Alex agreed to arrange. Action:Alex.
4. Web editor’s report

Simon stated that the web-site appeared to be working well. Simon and Suzanne would look into the question of whether we required a separate virtual community centre web-site. Action: Suzanne/Simon
5. Talk of Totterdown editor’s report

The latest edition of Talk of Totterdown was out – and was using the new TRESA logo.


6. Totterdown Sprouting

The orchard was progressing, and it was suggested that we try to put some fruit trees on Zone N.

Also there was a possibility that the area around Barrington Court could be improved with help from the residents.

The gazemo that was held by John at the Oxford had been retrieved and was to be kept in the store.

There had been no comments complaining about the store so far.
7. Planning

There had been a pre-planning application to change the use of 138 Wells Road from retail to residential. We should comment on this and ask if there was a possibility of keeping it for a shop.

Action Suzanne/James

James also presented the current status of planning applications:


8. Virtual community centre

It was scheduled that the community store had been installed.

It was proposed that there was a need for a community noticeboard for Zone A.

The Duchess of Totterdown were to provide a quote for a disabled ramp.

Continuing improvement improvement work had been done to the outside of the Methodist Church hall to make it more inviting.

The Duchess of Totterdown had indicated that they could be available for meetings in the evening.

It was proposed that committee members should have a tutorial on the new audio visual installed in the Star and Dove.


9. French Connection

Pétanque in Totterdown. Patrick has still to meet with Tristan Macintye-Read who has some expertise in laying out a petanque pitch. Action: Patrick


10. Any other business

Mark bailey noted that there had been an application to extend the licencing house of The Shakespeare pub.

It was also noted that a date for the Garden Festival would need to be established and would be decided on at the next committee meeting.

Ollie asked if May Gurney were now doing a better job of rubbish collection. Mark Bailey responded that in general yes but there were still some issues regarding the timely disposal of dumped material.

Ollie noted that clearing the land at Bellevue terrace had now begun. Suzanne will check the situation regarding the heritage wall.

John Bowen asked about the applications to erect two enormous advertising hoardings. It was stated that these had both been refused.
11. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 7.30pm at the Star and Dove