2013-03-19 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA meeting, 7.30pm 19th March 2013 , Star and Dove


Committee:, Suzanne Audrey, Carolyn Jones, Patrick Hulme.
Apologies: James Chequer, Nick Walters, Simon Birbeck, Alex Allen, Hannah Condrey, Geoff Allan


Matters Arising

Although Gaines Greengrocers had agreed to host a postbox, this had not yet been fitted but action was continuing.
Nick had spoken with Patco and the lost key for the postbox had now been replaced.
Neighbourhood planning: Suzanne would get forms to fill in Action: Suzanne.
The archway at Belleview: Susanne will progress Action: Suzanne.
Petanque: Patrick will continue to progress and will contact Tristan for advice on how to establish a pitch. Action: Patrick
TRESA meeting dates: The Chair proposed that we change the date of our committee meeting to Wednesday to enable us to take advantage of the new facilities in the Star and Dove. It was agreed that we would meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
AGM: Carolyn would do posters. Action: Carolyn
1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that there was a balance of £2,236.35 in the current account and £528.38 in the savings account.
2. Company Secretary

There was no Company Secretary report.
3. Membership Report

Nick announced that he would be resigning as membership Secretary at the AGM, although he would continue to be a Director. It was suggested that we may be able to ask Alex. It was also noted that there was a vacant post for a new Director.


4. Web editor’s report

It was suggested that Simon could possible give a refresher to committee members on how to make the best use of the web-site.Action: Suzanne/Simon
5. Talk of Totterdown editor’s report

Carolyn was to consider if we could include more adverts in the T of T without compromising the primacy of news content.
6. Totterdown Sprouting

Jean Piper from the Methodist Church had written to TRESA to say that they had a patch of land near to the front wall of the church. Hannah would meet with Jean and consider whether this could be a project for the Garden Festival. Totterdown Sprouting had received a grant from the Neighbourhood Partnership of £510.
7. Garden Festival

The date of the Festival had been changed from Sunday 7th July to Saturday 6th July.

Caroline reported that she would liaise with Hannah on participatory events, possible grant aid from the Council and press releases. The Lord Mayor would be invited. More volunteers were required to clear the Methodist Church site.

Carolyn would organise the entertainment licence and street closure and seek volunteers from other local groups e.g. Scouts. Hannah would arrange the outdoor toys.

John, the Landlord of the Oxford would organise the entertainment. Action: Carolyn/Hannah


8. Planning

Mark bailey continues to object to the proposal for change in operating hours for the May Gurney waste site.
9. Virtual community centre

The Section 106 money that we had received had now been allocated.

There would be a competition to design a sign for the Methodist Church Hall.

The Duchess of Totterdown had installed a disabled ramp and a more accessible door.

A Notice Board had been installed on Zone A.

Suzanne would write-up how the money had been spent. Action: Suzanne
11. Date of next meeting (AGM)

Wednesday 17th April 2013, 7.30pm at the Star and Dove