2013-05-15 – Meeting minutes

TRESA meeting, 7.30pm 15th May 2013 , Star and Dove


Committee:, Suzanne Audrey, Carolyn Jones, Patrick Hulme, Hannah Condry, Andrew MCelwee
Apologies: James Chequer, Nick Walters, Simon Birbeck.

Matters Arising

Neighbourhood planning: Suzanne would get forms to establish a Neighbourhood Planning Area Action: Suzanne.

The Archway at Bellview: Suzanne was to get in touch with the developer. Action: Suzanne.

Computer refresher: Simon still to do. Action: Simon.

Petanque: Patrick will continue to progress and will contact Tristan for advice on how to establish a pitch. Action: Patrick
1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that there was only about £84 in the current account owing to expenditure on the Virtual Community Centre. A sum of £10,000 was expected from the Council, but had not yet been received. Suzanne would chase the Council. Action: Suzanne
2. Company Secretary

There was no Company Secretary report.


3. Membership Report

Andy had taken over from Nick. The intricacies of the email accounts needed to be sorted out and it was suggested that Simon might be able to help. Andy would liaise with Simon. Action: Andy.

Andy was also sorting out the post boxes in Patcos and Tescos. A cheque for £35 for expenses was handed to Andy.

4. Web editor’s report

We now had a new web hosting site which Simon was monitoring.
5. Talk of Totterdown editor’s report

Carolyn was to consider if we could include more adverts in the T of T without compromising the primacy of news content. Action: Carolyn.

6. Totterdown Sprouting
There would be a “Get Growing” day on 9th June where it was hoped that the site at the Methodist Church could be cleared.

7. Garden Festival

Hannah and Carolyn reported that they had lots of ideas on the growing theme. Hannah would organise community bunting making. Licencing (for road closure and entertainment) was being organised by Carolyn. It was hoped that the Lord Mayor would plant a fruit tree. Action: Hannah/Carolyn

8. Planning

James, our planning expert, was not at the meeting. However, objections were still required regarding the May Gurney waste site and Mark Bailey had asked that residents affected should send complaints to him.

The Office bar had put in an application to stay open until 2pm. Although this is a semi-residential area, the nature of the bar made it unlikely that noise would be a problem. It was decided not to have a Tresa view on this.

9. Virtual community centre

The work on the audio visual equipment for the Star and Dove had been completed. We were still waiting for money from the Council in order to pay for work undertaken at the South Bristol Methodist Church. There was still some work on the flooring at the Methodist Church required and the Children’s workshop were obtaining a Door Entry system and banner. Suzanne would write-up how the money had been spent. Action: Suzanne

For the next meeting it was suggested that we devote time to discuss the Residents’ Parking Scheme and Suzanne would co-ordinate a presentation. Action: Suzanne

10. Date of next meeting (AGM)

Wednesday 19th June 2013, 7.30pm at the Star and Dove