2013-07-17 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA meeting on 7:30 pm 17th July 2013, Star and Dove


Committee:, Suzanne Audrey, Patrick Hulme, Hannah Condry, Andy McElwee, Geoff Allen, Simon Birkbeck

Apologies: James Chequer, Nick Walters, Alex Allen, Carolyn Jones

Matters Arising:

Residents Parking: Although the scheme had been shelved for Totterdown we should keep an eye on the proposals and Suzanne will write an article for the Talk of Totterdown. Action: Suzanne

There was now a Tresa post box in Gaines thanks to to the efforts of Andy.

1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that there was a balance of £3,481.02 in the current account and £528.38 in the savings account. In liaison with Suzanne, Patrick would produce a statement of how the Section 106 money had been spent. Action: Patrick

A cheque for £334.17 was handed to Hannah for garden Festival produce purchased.


2. Company Secretary

There was nothing to report.

3. Membership Report

Andy reported that there were now 45 paid-up members, with many more on our email list. Andy asked if a uniform membership date if January 1st could be instituted, but following discussion, it was agreed that the best arrangement would be a rolling membership particularly as more and more people now use Paypal. It was therefore agreed to add the date to the membership form. Action: Andy


4. Web editor’s report

Simon reported that we continued to get a large volume of traffic visiting the web-site, with an average of 700 to 800 hits a month and this had peaked in June with over a 1000 hits.

Simon had agreed to give a refresher course to committee members on how to make the best use of the web-site. (And the date has now been fixed for 31 July).

5. Talk of Totterdown editor’s report

Ideas for the next Talk of Totterdown were:

  • Residents Parking.
  • Garden Festival/ who won Garden Festival prize.
  • French Connection.
  • Behind the Door (possible subject the Old Forge in Sydenham Road)
  • Bristol Green doors.
  • Art trail
  • Severn Project.

An editorial meeting would be arranged. Action: Carolyn


6. Totterdown Sprouting

During the dry weather John was kindly sprinkling the Totterdown square beds.

Alex was moving and had given her resignation, although she still hoped to keep in touch with the group. The committee gave thanks for all her hard work over the years and wished her well in her new home.

7. Garden Festival

The Garden Festival was deemed to be a great success and a sum of £74.65 was raised. 4 new members were enrolled.

Hannah would investigate if in the future we could combine “Playing Out” in conjunction with gardening on Totterdown Square. Action: Hannah

It was not sure if our insurance policy covered playing out events. Patrick would check policy. Action: Patrick

It was suggested that next year more publicity to the event should be visible on the Wells Road.


8. Planning

Suzanne reported that that the Belle Vue development had been sold on to someone else. She would monitor developments.Action: Suzanne

Mark Bailey continues to object to the proposal for change in operating hours for the May Gurney waste site.


9. Virtual community centre

Suzanne would write-up how the money had been spent. Action: Suzanne


Any Other Business

Andy reported that Patco had mentioned the £600 that they had collected for Tresa, but wanted to know what it was going to be spent on. It was suggested that we try to obtain a decent fence for Zone A. Andy would progress obtaining the money. Action: Andy

Following the success of the road closure at the Garden Festival, it was suggested the possibility of a home zone for that area. Simon would look at the possibility and practicality. Action: Simon

11. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 21th August 2013, 7.30pm at the Star and Dove