2013-11-20 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA meeting, 7.30pm 20th November 2013, Star and Dove


Committee:, Suzanne Audrey, Patrick Hulme, Carolyn Jones, Andy McElwee, Geoff Allen, Simon Birkbeck, Nick Walters, Rebecca Mears

Apologies: James Chequer, Hannah Condry


Matters Arising:

Previous minutes reviewed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that there was a balance of £3,055.93 in the current account and £528.70 in the savings account.  Amount down slightly due to payment for insurance.

Discussion was had about using Co-op bank due to the recent news of being run by a drug addict, rent boy hiring, financially incompetent priest.  RM recommended using CAF bank or CCLA if TRESA wanted to switch away from Coop.
Action: PH to investigate the state of Coop bank and assess if still compatible with our needs.

Hannah Condry has some money to give to PH – reason was not clear from text message received.
Action: PH to follow up with HC


2. Company Secretary

Nothing to report.


3. Membership Report

Currently we have 260 members, but only 70 are paid.
SB highlighted that this is a vast improvement compared to 3 months before when the paid members numbered in the 20’s.

New member (Simon ??? from Bellevue Terrace) has not received his 2 copies of “Totterdown Rising”.
Action: SB to find name and address.
Action: AM to deliver books once address provided

AM had received an email from a kind gentleman in Burkina Faso offering to give us $15 million if we only provided him with all we own.  Matter was discussed by the committee and we decided against accepting his gracious offer!   🙂


4. Web editor’s report

SB reported that we continued to get a large volume of traffic visiting the web-site, with around 700 unique visitors per month (up from ~500 six months ago)

SB has added a new section to the website for the TRESA Directory.  CJ has reviewed this and it seems fine.  SB will make this public once CJ has given the go ahead.


5. Talk of Totterdown editor’s report

Directory idea is progressing well and we have had some interest.

CJ raised that the notice board at Tesco’s is dilapidated.  This is owned by the local police force.
Action: CJ to contact local PCSO to ask if they can replace the board or make repairs.

CJ also suggested possibility of a notice board close to 3 lamps (as one enters Totterdown).  SA pointed out that this land is owned by Places for People.  NW then expressed his personal opinion on Places for People.

CJ knows of someone offering to write an article about changes muted to planning policy  whereby restrictions might be lifted for change of use from retail to residential, and how changing businesses to houses could negatively affect a local community.  All expressed support as the article would echo TRESA stance on supporting local business.

SBk proposed sending PH to the Constitution Club for “Behind the Door”.  Much discussion was then had on the Con club and its quirks.
Action: PH to visit Con Club. CJ has offered to accompany him – for research purposes only!

RM suggested an article idea on how the arena could impact Totterdown.  Everyone was supportive but no one felt suitably informed to write said article. CJ suggested she would add this to forward features list for the newsletter.


6. Totterdown Sprouting

SB reported that the group had recently tidied up a planter outside Tesco’s.

A session in December was planned for bulb planting.


7. Planning

Suzanne reported that that the Belle Vue development was underway but causing frustration with local residents.

Mama Bears Nursery (former Bush pub) has requested permission for children to play on the balcony.  This has been approved and no one objected.

Decision on May Gurney operating over bank holidays is still pending.  May Gurney has been bought by Kier group.


8. Any Other Business

TRESA still has cycle racks to install.  SA said she had discussed with Gaines but had not heard back on progress.

Mosaic to commemorate Totterdown Rising is still progressing.  SA has some funds ready but given costs of installing we may need to look at raising additional monies.  The artist involved has spent time discussing with the local history group to understand the story.


9. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 18th December, 7.30pm at the Star and Dove – TBC.
CJ offered to discuss with the proprietors what room options are available to us.