2014-04-16 – AGM Meeting Minutes

TRESA Annual General Meeting 2014, 7.30pm 16th April 2014, Star and Dove

1. Attendance and apologies     

Directors: Carolyn Jones, Nick Walters, Suzanne Audrey, Patrick Hulme, Simon Hobeck, Hannah Condry, Rebecca Mears, Andrew McElwee, Geoff Allan

Members of the public:  Julian Noble, Anne Silber, John Bowen, Claire Manley, Nick Stokes ,Martyn  Trowbridge, James Hamer, Cllr Mark Bailey, Andrew Brown

Guest speaker: Mark Leach, Programme Coordinator, Sustainability & Climate Change, Bristol City Council

Apologies: James Chequer

2. Presentation of Annual Report

The meeting began with an opportunity for those present to mingle informally and read the Annual Report 2013-14. Suzanne Audrey, Chair, then welcomed everyone to the meeting and presented the annual report. Key issues were outlined and there was an opportunity for questions. The annual report was accepted.

Proposer: Geoff Allan
Seconder: Carolyn Jones.

3. Presentation of accounts

The accounts were presented, there were no questions and the accounts were accepted.

Proposer: Geoff Allan
Seconder: Carolyn Jones

4. Election of directors

The committee comprises up to 10 directors. James Chequer resigned as a director because of moving outside of the TRESA boundary and family commitments. Thanks were noted for all his work on behalf of TRESA.

Nine previous directors were re-elected unopposed: Simon Hobeck, Carolyn Jones, Nick Walters, Suzanne Audrey, Patrick Hulme, Hannah Condry, Rebecca Mears, Geoff Allan and Andrew McElwee.

James Hamer was proposed by Suzanne Audrey, and seconded by Simon Hobeck, as a new director to take over the role of Treasurer. This was unanimously agreed.

5. Guest speaker

TRESAcic welcomed Mark Leach from Bristol City Council who provided an insight into Bristol Green Capital 2015 and the ways in which communities in Bristol can engage in the programme. Mark had been part of the original bid team and explained the selection process and how Bristol was looking to embrace new thoughts and ideas on how the city could work towards its status as Green Capital 2015.

In addition to an informative presentation, Mark took questions from the floor and enjoyed chatting to members of TRESA once the formal business of the meeting was concluded. He offered a number of pointers and suggested useful contacts, and we hope to engage with Mark on future ideas.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm