2014-05-21 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA meeting, 7.30pm 21st May 2014, Star & Dove


Attendance and apologies     

Present:  Anne, CJ, Suzanne, Nick, Andy, Geoff
Apologies: Hannah, Becky, Simon, James, Patrick


Totterdown Sprouting

The raised beds outside Tesco could do with further planting and soil improvement.

Anne has prepared a ‘wishlist’ and some costings, including e.g. another apple tree for the orchard, herbs for the planters. An application for grant funding of just under £1000 has been prepared. To be submitted to Suzanne for approval.


Bees Project for Zone A

This would need a separate funding application. A scheme needs to be drawn up to go with the application. Elements to be included are a layout plan showing planned planting, costings for plants and seeds, publicity (could involve e.g. schools, nursery, brownies) Mark Bailey will need to be consulted on behalf of TACA to obtain consent to the scheme. GA to co-ordinate.


Big Lunch

Becky and Hannah were not present to report.


Garden Festival

A planning meeting took place some time ago.
Arrangements are in hand. Another planning meeting would be helpful to move things forward.


Bristol Green Capital 2015

Suzanne’s suggested list of 20 ‘pledges’ was approved – possible adjustments may be incorporated later depending on practicalities. It was agreed to start work on these items.


Talk of Totterdown

James Gray has kindly agreed to take over from Hildegaard Dumper as middle hub.


Financial Report

The treasurer was not present so no report available. Suzanne has prepared a checklist of matters for James Hamer to address in the course of taking over from Patrick. Will await his comments. Current balance at bank £3930.81


Membership Secretary

There are 85 paid up members.



Simon had emailed to report that the website was all running well


Secretary Report

Geoff reported that James was now registered with Companies House as a director and that the Annual Return had been filed.



TRESA GMail account – not clear what it’s function is – Andy to ask Simon to advise

There is a questionnaire on the website where people can give their views on a proposed Residents Parking Zone

Suzanne reported that an approach has  been made to TRESA by a TV company wanting to make a programme about neighbours setting up a communal garden scheme. A piece will be put on the website about it.