2014-06-18 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public Meeting, 7.30pm 18th June 2014, Star & Dove



TRESA: Patrick Hulme, Carolyn Jones, Andy McElwee, Geoff Allan,  Simon Hobeck, James Hamer. Councillor Mark Bailey. There were also 7 local residents.

Apologies:  Suzanne, Hannah, Nick.


Membership Secretary’s Report

There was nothing to report.


Treasurer’s Report

James reported that following the change in Treasurer, new signatories were required to send to the bank. He would arrange that tonight.



Simon reported that he was monitoring and tweaking the site as required – good news, it received a large amount of unique hits over the month.


Talk of Totterdown

The summer edition had been issued.  Thanks to CJ.

Carolyn reported that a new hub would be required to distribute the Talk of Totterdown.

The Autumn edition would be out in August.


Totterdown Garden Festival

Carolyn explained the following actions had been taken.

Road closure applied for.

Contact made with Methodist church (we had had no other contacts with other churches).

History Society contacted.

Stalls for crafts and bric-a-brac arranged

Hannah to organise children’s games.

DJ and music arranged.

Shynee Ladies to perform.

Has spoken to local businesses re involvement: Greenwoods to sponsor the Front garden competition, Fig 1. to sponsor junior gardener competition, The Office to sponsor Home grown produce competition.

Emily Ketteringham to provide art work for poster.

Has produced flyers for Bee project and also bee hotel ideas. Will be ready for festival.


Bee project

Geoff explained the nature of the bee project, which would promote the planting of bee friendly plants in peoples garden and also the establishment of corridors for wildlife, including places for wild-flower meadows.  This could also be part of the green Capital initiative in 2015.



Residents Parking Schemes (RPS):  This was an agenda item as a number of people had approached or emailed Suzanne or CJ with their concerns and we are also getting survey responses via TRESA website. There was a wide discussion over the merits and de-merits of the RPS with diverse views being aired. A key factor is the proposed arena by Temple Meads and its potential impact on the area. Another issue is whether any arena operator could pay for the introduction of the RPS in Totterdown which Councillor Bailey has proposed.

Suzanne had previously indicated that she would approach Mayor George Ferguson with the aim to have a public meeting in respective of this emotive issue. CJ suggested that as residents feel so strongly we ought to be proactive now and write to the Mayor expressing our concerns. We could also invite him to attend a public meeting so that he can fully understand the unique position Totterdown is in.

TRESA 2015/ Bristol Green Capital:  There was a discussion on how TRESA could get involved with the the Green capital initiative in 2015 and we had made a start by establishing our bee friendly initiative  and 2015 list of sustainable activities/ideas.

Salon de Thé:  CJ reminded attendees that this was taking place on the 17 July at the Duchess of Totterdown, and there were still some tickets left.


Date of Next Meeting

16 July 2014 (committee meeting)