2014-10-15 Meeting minutes

TRESA Directors meetin, 7.30pm 15th October 2014, Star & Dove



Attendees: Suzanne Audrey, Carolyn Jones, Geoff Allen, James Harmer, Andy McElwee

Apologies: Nick Walters, Patrick Hulme, Simon Hobeck, Rebecca Mear


Minutes from previous meeting agreed.


Matters Arising


Membership Secretary report

We have 76 paid members. Some query over what to do with those who may have changed email address and not received renewal notice. AM /CJ to look at printing out and issuing a written reminder where we have a postal address.

Clarification for those outside the area who may wish to support TRESA. Introduce membership option of ‘Friends of TRESA’ for a nominal £2 p.a. but make clear that this membership offers no voting rights.

Re potential review of lists – ask SH for directors to have password access to this element of the system.

*Action point – AM /CJ review option to send renewals hard copy

*Action point – Can SH provide password access for directors to mailing lists


Treasurer’s report

We need to change signatories – Directors present at meeting to sign relevant forms – actioned.

Paypal payments – currently Suzanne, Patrick and Andy get notification of transactions, this needs to be changed to James and Andy.

Payment has gone to Anne Silber for Totterdown Sprouting activities.

*Action point – Can SH sort out paypal notification change


Company Secretary’s Report: All good, nothing to report.


Website: all going well.


Totterdown Energy Group:

Has now launched and those attending the course finding it informative. SH had emailed to suggest producing an A3 sheet on the noticeboard to advise progress on 2015 targets – given space is at a premium perhaps A4 might be better – to be further discussed when SH present.


Talk of Totterdown:

CJ / JH to meet to discuss best procedure for invoicing advertisers.

On track for next issue to be published early November.



2015 targets – GA happy to report progress with Zone Bee and bee projects. Has met with a horticulturalist from BCC and looking at potential to have a small strip of land at Zone A with annuals for the time being so that we can assess progress. BCC would coordinate with their contractors re mowing of the land and Totterdown Sprouting/other volunteers could help with raking/clearing.GH is looking to sort out a working party for next Spring.

RPS – Mayor George Ferguson has responded and a copy been uploaded onto the website. Currently no action required as scheme is not yet being progressed., but we will keep an eye on this closely.

Totterdown Square maintenance – Totterdown Sprouting and volunteers have done a great job at clearing the bed for herbs. SA had been in touch with Vail Williams who are managing the square on behalf of the owners. They have stated there will be twice monthly litter clearing and they are aware of issues with drainage and the large puddle.

Totterdown Sprouting –lots of hard work on maintaining the beds in the square but TS are now going to devote their attention to the orchard and surrounding area.

Community noticeboard – space is limited and people often approach us to put up their flyers. CJ suggested we could introduce a hierarchy of activity/prioritise. Suggest flyer priority could be: 1 TRESA members, TRESA associates or helpful businesses or individuals, Totterdown based as preference.

Director Vacancy– It was proposed that an initial approach be made to Anne Silber to establish if she would like to become a director. Anne has done sterling work with Totterdown Sprouting and is a very active and supportive member of TRESA.

We have a volunteer who would like to assist with regards to keeping an eye out and advising on planning applications being brought forward. CJ will respond to confirm we would like their support and suggest they liaise with SA over the sort of applications we want to monitor.

*Action point – CJ pass volunteer info to SA

MISC: A Richmond Street resident has complained re train activity taking place late or during the nights.  It may be cleaning of trains? AM has said he will try to get an update and advise.


Date of next meeting:

Public meeting Weds 19. Nov. Suggested agenda 2015 targets, milestones and progress. CJ will see if BGP representative or similar will address.