2015-01-21 Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public Meeting, 7.30pm 21st January 2015, Star and Dove

Present: Suzanne Audrey, Carolyn Jones, Geoff Allan, Andy McElwee, Nick Walters, Patrick Hulme, Simon Hobeck, Rebecca Mear, Anne Silber, Cllr Mark Baily, Cllr Sam Mongon, Deb Joffe, Andrew Brown, and 12 members of the public

Apologies: James Hamer

It was agreed that visiting speakers would start the meeting and the directors’ business would follow for those who wanted to stay.

Arnos Vale

The meeting started with a presentation by Janine Marriott, Learning Co-ordinator at Arnos Vale Cemetery, entitled ‘A Community Garden for Arnos Vale’. The proposal is to create a community garden adjacent to the top gate (Cemetery Rd) entrance. This was an area of common interment. The ground is unsuitable for planting fruit and vegetables. Janine is looking for organizations to share the project. Arnos Vale is a designated scientific area. It is envisaged that the Community Garden would be a place for wildlife as well as a garden, for example with some raised beds, some easy to manage areas, and possibly community compost bins and a use for horticultural therapy. Volunteers are needed to help clear the overgrowth. Groups and organizations are sought to plant and manage areas, which can be for a fixed period.

In discussion after the presentation it was felt that TRESA could support the project though publicity. There may also be shared interest in planting bee friendly areas and creating insect hotels (some of TRESA’s targets for Toteerdown 20×15). Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Janine at learning@arnosvale.org.uk.


Higham Green

Angela Russell of Higham Green reported that the residents there have succeeded in winning Village Green status after a four yearstruggle.  They now intend to carry out some sensitive planting on the green, including bee friendly shrubs and benches and small fruit trees. The Higham Green groups would also like to become a sub-group of TRESA.

It was agreed that the Higham Green group would be welcome as a sub-group of TRESA. It was also noted that TRESA has some funding for fruit trees.

ACTION: Co-ordinate with Angela over sub-group status and plans for planting.


Playing-out sub-group.

The group is planning closure of Stanley Hill every Thursday from 4 to 6 pm after the clocks change (permission has been sought and gained from Bristol City Council). They require some funding to pay for effective signs and barriers, and also need more volunteers to help operate the scheme on a rota basis, especially during the first few weeks of operation.


Stanley Hill Rat-run.

With the support of the Neighbourhood Partnership, £10,000 was allocated to address the Stanley Hill rat-run. Becky and Suzanne met Bristol City Council’s transport planning officer. BCC have identified two options. Option 1 was to create a permanent barrier in Stanley Hill at the junction with Highgrove St. Option 2 was to make Angers Rd no-entry form the Bath Rd end.

TRESA is helping with the initial community consultation through an article in the Talk of Totterdown.



Suzanne informed the meeting that she was in consultation with Ping!Bristol to reinstate a table tennis table at Totterdown Square. Vail Williams, who manage the site, and Tesco are generally supportive.

Deb Joffe raised the issue of improving walking routes in the area and the council’s online consultation at http://www.bristoltemplequarter.com/gate . The current design does nothing to address the serious concerns about the route along the Bath Road from Three Lamps junction to Temple Meads. The deadline for comments is 15 February 2015.

Bristol Pound and the Real Economy. Simon would like to form a group to try and set this up, with the purpose of enabling farmers to sell direct to shoppers. Points for delivery and collection would need to be set up.


Membership Secretary’s report

There are 74 paid up members, and a much longer list of contacts who have not paid their membership fee.


Treasurer’s report 

Unfortunately James is unwell and has resigned.


Company Secretary’s report

Accounts need to be filed with Companies House by 28 February 2015 to avoid automatic fines. Suzanne will liaise with James to try and ensure that they are prepared as soon as possible.


Talk of Totterdown

The next issue is being compiled and should be ready for delivery in February.



There is currently a problem but Simon has reported the problem and it should be fixed in the next few days.


Date of next meeting

Directors Meeting on Weds 18 February, 7.30pm at the Star and Dove.