2015-02-18 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors Meeting, 7.30pm 18th February 2015, Star and Dove

Present:  CJ, Suzanne, Nick, Andy, Geoff, Simon, Becky

Apologies: Patrick, Anne
Company Secretary’s report
2014 accounts have been filed. Discussion of AGM date; would be better to hold shortly after year end to allow accounts to be filed promptly and avoid any risk of penalties. Decided to keep it in April this year, but next year move it to June.

Membership secretary report
77 paid up members.

Treasurer’s report
Suzanne had prepared the accounts following James Hamer’s resignation.  Discussion of banking needs; need for 2 signatories prevents use of online banking; could alter but Co-op does not charge fees; whether worth altering constitutional status of TRESA in order to allow online banking; practicalities of changing to a different status Decided to retain current status. Proposed change of current signatories (Patrick and Suzanne) to Simon and Suzanne. Need to appoint replacement treasurer. Enquiries to be made.

Current balance at bank £8284.60, of which most is committed to specific projects.


Talk of Totterdown
CJ has re-issued all advertisers’ invoices; none had been raised in 2014. Some further money still to come in. Will need to be taken charge of by new treasurer in due course. Ideally there should be sufficient funds in hand to cover costs of two issues.


Simon has now set up a facility to enable a non resident to join Tresa as a ‘friend’ or ‘associate’.

Paypal notifications to TRESA will now go to the TRESA Gmail account.  Good number of followers of TRESA on Twitter.


Playing out
Becky will be putting in an application for funding for Playing Out as a sub-group of TRESA.

Discussion of status of sub-groups vis a vis TRESA; possibility of sub-groups affiliating to TRESA but with inconsistent objects; practical difficulties in securing their explicit adoption of TRESA objects; possible alienation of support; need to monitor in relation to any proposed affiliated sub-groups.

A storage unit similar to the one on Zone D would greatly assist.  This is to be investigated.


Totterdown Sprouting
Anne had submitted a most helpful update. Will join the Get Going Gardening Trail again for weekend of 6/7 June 2015. Interest is expressed by people in joining work parties but this is not reflected in the poor turnout at work parties. Anne will try and introduce some more child friendly tasks at the March work party and has asked Simon to assist in building a bug hotel. Simon is making plans for this. Assistance with this and other jobs at the March work party will be welcome.

More work is needed to the beds in Totterdown Square and if people are prepared to turn out for a work party Anne is willing to participate.

A storage shed can be accommodated on the orchard site.

It is proposed to build a composter in the corner of one of the bays for weeds from the orchard but also possibly for neighbours to use. Small amount of funding would be needed to buy planks.

Anne welcomed the prospect of table tennis table being reinstated, and besides thinking of site for boules, aired ideas for other possible community games and features,  e.g. a croquet match on Zone A, or to coincide with the Garden Festival, some ‘straw scarecrows’ along Wells Rd including one of a policeman holding a speed gun.


Totterdown Energy Group
Simon reported that Easton Energy Group are doing thermal imaging surveys of homes. Still a sizeable part of grant available. Could cover cost of a thermal imaging camera (£500 estimated) to demonstrate to Totterdown residents heat lost through poor energy efficiency. Other ideas for action include energy awareness events over summer using e.g. a showing light bulb powered by bicycle generator, knitting draft excluders etc.


Other projects
Heritage trail  – launch to tie in with a public meeting on 20 May 2015. Map will be designed to go with it.


Any other business
Further discussion of present constitution as Community Interest Company. Becky noted that newly established groups are now being constituted as Charitable Incorporated Organzations. However it was felt that the benefits of changing the present constitution could be outweighed by the time and effort involved in doing so.


Garden Festival
Need to look at potential dates and responsibilities. Becky will enquire of her contacts  to see if others might want to take on some of the organization.