2015-04-15 – AGM Meeting Minutes

TRESA Annual General Meeting 2015, 7.30pm 15th April 2015, Star & Dove


Directors: Suzanne Audrey, Patrick Hulme, Simon Hobeck, Carolyn Jones, Nick Walters, Rebecca Mear, Andrew McElwee, Geoff Allan, Anne Silber
Others: Julian Noble, P Chopsh, Deb Joffe, Martyn Trowbridge, Cllr Mark Bailey, Andrew Brown, John Bowen, P Pinkkowska, K Pablowowsk, Linn Waite

Presentation of Annual Report

Suzanne Audrey, Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting. Commenced by proposing a vote of thanks to Councillor Mark Bailey who will be stepping down at the next election. She said he had always been very supportive of TRESA and would be ‘irreplaceable’ and much missed. We wish Councillor Bailey all best wishes for the future and hope he will still opt to attend future meetings.

Suzanne Audrey gave an overview of TRESA activity for 2014-2015 before inviting individual Directors to talk about their specific areas.

Membership Secretary – AM
We now have 81 paid members of TRESA. Reminders are issued when membership is due for renewal, but sometimes people have changed email or moved and without a postal address or response difficult to do anything about that. Paypal system works well as automatic renewal.

Talk of Totterdown – CJ
The printed newsletter is still very much welcomed by those who do not have online access. It is also useful for people visiting who can pick up a copy at various public outlets and is well received overall – more people are getting in touch with suggestions for articles and inclusions. Thanks always to the volunteers who deliver the newsletter every quarter.

Garden Festival 2014 – CJ
Very successful again with lots of activities for all age groups and continued participation from other community groups including local church groups, history society etc. Always useful for raising the profile of TRESA and our work and attracting new members. This year’s festival takes place on Saturday 11 July, and groups have again been invited to participate. We are keen to raise awareness of our ZONE BEE project and will have activities and information relating to that.

Web /Online – SH
Plenty of online activity and content being added by many of the Directors. Working successfully and also in the past year have set up a TRESA Facebook page and a twitter account – the latter is very useful for late promotion and notification of events/ideas.

Totterdown Sprouting – AS
Lots happening in the orchard – and people invited to pick rhubarb which is plentiful at the moment! Now have a very superior bug hotel installed – looks fantastic and a really useful reference site for others who might think of doing something similar to help our bug life! Monthly work parties are going well, and about to revamp the herb bed up at Totterdown Square.

Playing Out – RM
9 April launched and has been an interesting experience – volume of traffic is astounding. Seeking to put in a grant application for a storage shed for barriers, toys etc.

Big Lunch – RM
Following on from last year’s success, keen to have again this year. Will be Sunday 7 June, Park Street, and a road closure has been applied for. As with 2014 all local residents will be notified regarding road closure and apologies for any inconvenience. Invite everyone to join in a relaxed and fun afternoon.

Totterdown 2015 – SA/SH
We were unsuccessful in our bid for funds but are successfully working through the list anyway! Progress reported in Talk of Totterdown and via the website and community noticeboard.

Totterdown Energy has now been going for 6 months and is promoting energy efficiency in the area and ‘Warm up Bristol’ initiative. Simon Hobeck leads the group which meets monthly (1st Wednesday). He reported that the group now had a thermal imaging camera enabling users to view a heat map of their dwelling. Will pull together an article for a future issue of Talk of Totterdown.

Stanley Hill Rat-run – SA
Lots of feedback and participation in the survey which closes on Friday 18 April. There is a preferred choice and BCC will be presented with a summary report of the results and an anonymised version will also go on TRESA website. Next step will be formal consultation on the preferred option.

Planning applications – SA
Fairly quiet but the proposed Arena will be the next big development on our doorstep and we will keep a close eye on that – and work with other local amenity groups as it will have a big impact on the wider area.

Former ‘Totterdown Centre’ – there is some movement which due to commercial confidentiality we are not able to discuss at present.

Totterdown’s “French Connection” Bordeaux St Jean – PH
Similarities in the look, feel and environment and closer ties are encouraged with exchange possibilities in the future. Patrick Hulme will continue to liaise with his contacts in France.

Annual Report was accepted.
Proposer: Nick Walters
Seconder: Simon Hobeck

Presentation of accounts The accounts were presented, there were no questions and the accounts were accepted.
Proposer: Rebecca Mear
Seconder: Patrick Hulme

Election of directors

The committee comprises up to 10 directors. James Hamer resigned earlier this year as a director due to work commitments. Nine previous directors were re-elected unopposed: Suzanne Audrey, Patrick Hulme, Simon Hobeck, Carolyn Jones, Nick Walters, Rebecca Mear, Andrew McElwee, Geoff Allan, Anne Silber.

John Bowen was proposed by Suzanne Audrey, and seconded by Simon Hobeck, as a new director to take over the role of Treasurer. This was unanimously agreed.


Playing outside generally will be encouraged in Totterdown in the coming year. This might include table tennis, boules for adults as well as children’s activities and events. Developing the idea and will see what funding is available.

Some issues have come to light following on from the Stanley Hill rat-run survey. Summer Hill has some traffic issues including the fact that not all vehicles take note of the one way status. There is no entry signage but perhaps this needs improving/making more obvious. TRESA will investigate and raise the issue with BCC.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm