2015-07-15 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public Meeting, 7.30pm 15th July 2015, Star and Dove


Present:  CJ, Suzanne, Nick, Andy, Geoff, Simon, Anne
Apologies:  Becky, Patrick

Directors’ Business
The accounts for the year ended 31 May 2015 had been prepared by Suzanne and circulated. A motion to approve them was proposed by Andy and seconded by Simon and was adopted by the committee.

ACTION – secretary to file accounts with Companies House

Possible joint venture to promote environmental improvement schemes

Matthew                       , an architect and lecturer at the University of the West of England, suggested that TRESA work with architecture students there.  TRESA could put forward potential sites in Totterdown in relation to which teams of architecture students could be invited to devise schemes for improving those sites. Students as part of their course work have successfully piloted such schemes elsewhere, lasting  typically 7 to 8 weeks. They would liaise with the ‘client’, in this case TRESA and residents, and work on project ideas, covering any costs involved as well as planning and health and safety aspects.

Some possible sites were identified: the community orchard on Park St, Summer Hill/ Stanley Hill traffic calming, Totterdown Square, or Zone N.  His suggestion was well received by TRESA and Matthew will bear in mind the suggested sites and discuss the outcome of the meeting with students when term starts in October, and depending on responses will report back to TRESA in due course.

ACTION – ideas for potential project sites to be submitted to Matthew by September; he will only need to know who the potential client is and what they would be interested in looking at. Ideally 3 or 4 potential projects.

Goolden St
Kath Lindsay raised concerns over the sale of a plot of land at the bottom of the street to build a block of about 15 flats. She addressed these to councillors Deb Joffe and Sam Mongon, also present, urging that homes for settled families were needed as opposed to flats which tended to encourage a transient population. Mark Bailey also present pointed out that the planning permission could only be withheld by law on valid planning grounds. However there were provisions whereby a planning decision could be challenged on the ground of concentration of occupants. Sam Mongon offered to speak to the developer Crossman.

Sam Mongon reported that his understanding was that consultation on detailed designs for the Arena site would start in September 2015, with the planning stage likely to begin in November/ December 2015. He understood that there was to be a transport plan to allow for limited reserved parking spaces e.g. for disabled parking or staff. At present there appeared to be proposed also some 2500 customer parking spaces. It was hoped that the final Transport Plan would be disclosed before September so that discussions could take place before formal consultation began.

Comments were made by those attending to the effect that the plan needed to make sufficient provision for walking and cycling in the vicinity of the Arena. Maximum use should be p of park and ride schemes. Air quality and noise nuisance to local residents were significant concerns.

Deb Joffe suggested that TRESA try and locate a person experienced in transport planning to advise on how best to participate in the consultation.

ACTION – locate transport planner and approach. There should be a TRESA-hosted public meeting in September to talk about the consultation.

ACTION – fix date for meeting and arrange venue other than Star and Dove.

Mark Bailey confirmed that the mayor had ruled out absolutely a RPZ associated with the Arena. He also stressed the effects they have on teachers and staff at local schools. With the mayor up for re-election next year, this is the time to pin down candidates on these issues.

Sam Mongon offered to email the project team to pass on the areas TRESA is interested in. This was agreed subject to the content of his email first being approved by TRESA.

Deb Joffe pointed out that the reason for the Council’s planning meeting being postponed had been that the whole of the Temple Quarter development zone had to be taken into account.