2015-09-16 – Meeting Minutes

Public meeting, 7.30pm 16th September 2015,  Star & Dove


1. Attendance and apologies

Apologies in advance from: Patrick Hulme, Nick Walters

Attendees on the day: TRESA Directors: Suzanne Audrey, Simon Hobeck, Carolyn Jones, Rebecca Mear, Andrew McElwee, Geoff Allan, John Bowen, Anne Silber

Others:  20 additional attendees including residents, Councillor Sam Mongon, and former Councillor now alderman Mark Bailey.


2. Welcome and agenda

Suzanne Audrey, Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting.

She commenced by advising that today’s meeting would include a presentation from our guest speaker, following which there would be a short break during which directors could discuss TRESA business. Following the break the main subject of discussion with questions from the floor would be development proposals for Bristol Arena and Bristol Arena Island.


3. Presentation by Dr Steve Melia

SA welcomed Dr Steve Melia, a Senior Lecturer in Transport and Planning at the University of the West of England. Steve set up the ‘Living Heart for Bristol campaign and has recently released a book “Urban Transport Without the Hot Air” – the subject of his talk this evening.

Steve gave a very entertaining presentation highlighting some of the myths surrounding issues of sustainable transport and pointing out some of the misinformation promulgated by the media. He gave examples of other European cities where solutions to inner city traffic chaos have been found – some innovative and others very straightforward. Given Bristol’s year as European Green Capital now is an ideal time to consider what options are available and what might be workable, sustainable solutions.

4. TRESA business

  • Membership secretary confirmed we have 100 paid members of TRESA.
  • Talk of Totterdown latest issue has just been published and distributed.
  • No issues regarding web or online activity.
  • Totterdown Sprouting – orchard very fruitful and apple picking to take place 26 September.


5. Bristol Arena and Arena Island

SA suggested the best format for this would be to take questions and comments from the floor. She would list queries and concerns expressed by those attending. Councillor Mongon would input on areas where he had knowledge.

The intention will be for TRESA, as the local amenity group, to present to Bristol City Council a summary of Totterdown residents’ concerns. It will also be important for individuals to comment online or in person at consultation events organised by BCC and the Arena Project Team.

SA gave an overview of consultation activities taking place and a timetable for construction of the Arena. Work is due to start on site in early 2016, with the Arena due to open in 2017.

She stated her main concern was lack of consultation in Totterdown, with no event planned in the area most likely to be affected, and lack of information available to date.

Points raised by attendees:

Consultation process

  • All exhibition sites for the consultation are to the north of the arena. Why? Consultation events relating to the full planning application must also be held south of the arena.
  • Maps and plans should place the arena in a central position, and identify what improvements/ mitigation measures are in place for areas closest to the arena e.g. within 1km of the site.
  • The arena developers and operators, and transport planners, must also look south towards the Totterdown, Knowle and Brislington areas where many thousands of Bristol residents live.
  • People are upset and anxious, with very real concerns that our voices are not heard. Plans and associated documents MUST include issues that relate specifically to those living south of the arena site in the Totterdown, Knowle and Brislington areas.

Transport planning

  • All proposed walking and cycling improvements are north of the arena site. Travel plans MUST include improvements for pedestrians and cyclists coming from Bath Road and Wells Road.
  • Pedestrian access to the arena site is planned from Bath Road. Thousands of pedestrians are likely to use this entrance. Plans MUST be in place to improve pedestrian routes to and from this access point.
  • What plans are in place to improve the pedestrian and cycle routes over Bath Road Bridge? It is essential to improve this key access route for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The route from Totterdown along St Lukes Road and under the railway bridge is an important walking and cycling route. What plans are in place to improve this route?
  • To avoid unnecessary motorised traffic being funnelled to the Temple Meads area, the Three Lamps junction should be altered to allow a right turn from Wells Road onto Bath Road.
  • Park & Ride must be priced low enough to be the preferred option for drivers. What plans are in place in relation to Park & Ride pricing for large events?
  • There should be a new Park & Ride on the A37
  • All identified parking spaces are to the north of the site. What parking has been identified to the south of the arena site?
  • What plans are in place to resolve congestion issues where ‘rush hour’ traffic coincides with traffic heading towards arena events?
  • The proposed route along the river requires good lighting and CCTV
  • A residents parking scheme for those areas closest to the arena would need to be tailored to the specific issues arising from proximity to a large entertainment venue. Consultation with local residents should start as a matter of urgency.

The local area

  • What monies are attached to this planning application e.g. Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)? Funds should be identified and used for the benefit of residents living closest to the arena.
  • What plans are in place to mitigate the impact of construction e.g. noise, construction traffic? Arrangements should be in place to restrict nuisance to local residents e.g. will there be limited hours for construction?
  • There is an opportunity to incorporate an entrance to Temple Meads station for those to the south of the station
  • Facilities around the arena should focus on family friendly public spaces, healthy living and leisure facilities – not just bars.
  • What plans are in place to link the arena with Bristol’s (including Totterdown’s) local artistic communities?

It was agreed that in addition to a copy of the minutes from this evening’s meeting being uploaded to the TRESA website, a copy of these concerns should also be uploaded as a news item. This might help individuals frame their concerns if they chose to comment themselves and register their feedback online or at any consultation event.



No other business.


Date of next meeting

The next public meeting will take place on WEDNESDAY 18 November, 7.30pm at the Star and Dove.