2015-12-16 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA meeting, 7.30pm 16th December 2015, Stevens Crescent

Present: Nick Walters, John Bowen, Simon Hobeck, Suzanne Audrey, Becky Mear, Anne Silber, Andy McElwee
Apologies: Patrick Hulme, Geoff Allan, Carolyn Jones (CJ)
Minutes of the last meeting
Conflict of interest
Becky indicated that her husband has been proposed as the Labour candidate for Windmill Hill. This does not preclude her as a Director of TRESA but she wanted it noted and is aware that it may be a potential conflict of interest for some issues.
Treasurer Report
£835 has been paid in for the Stanley Hill Street Party group (November 2015). Some purchases have been made including membership of Scrapstore.
Totterdown Sprouting have paid to send two apples for identification from the community orchard. Anne to send email to John in lieu of receipt.
At the February 2016 Directors meeting we will check the budget in detail and note the funds in each of the ring-fenced projects.
John to arrange to meet with CJ.
Membership Secretary
108 paid up members. The majority of membership is paid through Paypal.
Company Secretary
No report.
All is running fine.
Totterdown Sprouting
Wassailing is arranged for 9th January 2016. Pruning will also take place. Becky asked if the Stanley Hill Street Party could be combined with the wassailing. Becky and Anne to liaise. The Stanley Hill will have monthly meetings in School Road Park to coincide with the BS4 market until the clocks go forward.
Arena Transport Plan
Anne suggested that the transport plan is very weak and although there is potential to develop good public transport links people are likely to travel by car which will create a lot of traffic at times of events. She also made the point that providing the bus and train links was complex and there would not necessarily be enough trains and the number of buses needed would create some congestion.

There was also a discussion about the impact on parking in Totterdown. There are mixed opinions amongst the directors, and within Totterdown, about the arena development and residents parking. To enable TRESA to capture views about the arena and parking issues, a survey about residents parking zone will be included in the next issue of the talk of Totterdown.

UWE Student Project
This has been an excellent project. Local people have been impressed with the students and want to take their ideas forward. The short term idea for Summer Hill is the installation of ‘parklets’. As some people are reluctant to give up parking space in their road, a meeting will be held in January to discuss this further with local residents. Suzanne also to meet with the UWE lecturer Friday 8th January to discuss follow-up.
Energy group 
Not much to report but Simon will use the heat sensitive camera when the weather gets colder.
Metal trees on Zone A
The trees are now on Simon’s garage roof and will be set on Zone A. Simon would like to put in a grant application to the Small Grant fund. We also need advice on whether and how to sort out longer-term ownership and management of the land. We will speak with Mark Bailey about this.
Patco Have some money for a local charity and would like to discuss it with us.
Date of next TRESA meeting
Wednesday 20th January 2016, which will be a public meeting.
Following the meeting Suzanne accessed an email report from CJ with the following points:
Talk of Totterdown
CJ is working with Hillcrest School on some exciting ideas. They have a junior press club and publish their own school newsletter, and she is working with the teacher who leads the group.   In addition to going in to the school to talk to the children CJ offered them an opportunity to work with TOT. This means 2 x slots taken up in the next 3 issues.
Longevity piece for next 3 issues up to summer 2016 to coincide with their “bumper” school issue, along the lines of “bringing nature into Totterdown” and following some of our work re orchard, bees etc. Factual updates, relevant events, interviews, photos.
One off events reportage. For the first one of these, and in conversation with Greenwoods they have offered to sponsor an ‘arts competition’ to get a display in their window for spring 2016. Pupils to report on the proposals, interview relevant people and include photos.
CJ still needs to talk to Patco, but has sent a letter suggesting a piece in next issue which she will follow up in the New Year. The Patco advert, which was missing from the last issue, will be reinstated.
Copy date for next issue is WEDS 20 JANUARY 2016.
CJ has emailed previous copies of all invoices to John Bowen, Treasurer. CJ has issued 2015 invoices, posted to all advertisers and emailed copies to John. She also has £10 and copy of the invoice re Andy McElwee’s advert in the last issue.
TRESA trees
CJ has spoken to Greenwoods who in principle are happy to offer some financial support. It would be helpful to havephotos of the ‘trees’ and more information on the project. CJ has put Simon in touch with Ben Howell who is a Structural Engineer. Hopefully Ben can let us have projected costs to pass on to Greenwoods.
Mental health
Can we think of a way to involve local group(s) as there is funding available for “an event”? The funding ends February so an event needs to take place in January?
Speaker for future meeting
CJ has spoken with a friend who is a planner and member of CAP (Conservation Advisory Panel) with suggestion that she give an outline presentation on how local people can make good representation/ objection to planning applications, and also possibly look at how to get Conservation Zone status for certain locale. This could be a speaker for March.