2016-01-20 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA public meeting. 7.30pm 20th January 2016



Present:  RM, NW, AM, GA, SH
Apologies:  SA, CJ, JB, AS, PH

Company Secretary

nothing to report



Now stands at 103


Talk of Totterdown

Geoff will  take over from James Gray as the hub for his area.


Zone A

Simon proposes to apply for a grant from Bristol City Council to cover the cost of installing metal tree portico.  Query whether TRESA installing it on the land as intended will infringe any legal rights.   Suzanne is invited to clarify this with Mark Bailey. SA



This is working well. No issues to report.


Energy Group

Simon intends to do more thermal imaging when the weather allows


Public Meeting

1.Stanley Hill

Rebecca summarized the recommendations of the University of the West of England students. Those present were very impressed with their work. Rebecca discussed the possibility of the skateboard park at the bottom of Park St being registered as a community asset. She and colleagues were also pursuing plans to paint parts of the road surface on Summer Hill as a visual clue to through traffic of its residential status, subject to canvassing local residents and to street closure permission.


2. Park Street

There was discussion as to improving the amenity value of the land at the bottom of the street extending down from the community orchard. Ownership of the plots neighbouring the orchard is unknown. It was agreed that some outline plans for the area would be helpful. Local resident Cat Colvin kindly offered to see if she could put together some ideas for consideration.


3. Street party

Rebecca plans to apply for permission to hold a street party on 11 June 2016


4. Any other business

Green St Mosque  were holding an open day on 24 January 2016 from 1.30 to 2.30.  TRESA welcomed the opportunity to meet the members of the Muslim community. It was thought that there was scope for TRESA to see if there were ways of  involving community members more in TRESA’s activities.

Playing out in Totterdown – it seems that funds have been set aside for the benefit of Bushy Park, as a condition of the granting of planning consent pursuant to Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. TRESA could consider schemes which might be appropriate to attract grants from those funds, e.g. outdoor exercise equipment.

Opportunity to host mayoral candidate – Rebecca’s husband has been offered the opportunity to bring a mayoral candidate to a community group meeting. She will ask him to see if he can get Labour’s Marvin Rees to come, and Simon will approach the Green Party candidate Tony Dyer.                                                                                                                                                                       RM; SH


Date of next meeting

Directors only meeting on Wednesday 17 February 2016, 7.30 p.m at Totterdown Canteen.