2016-02-11 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA directors’ meeting, 7.30pm 17th February 2016, Totterdown Canteen

Present:  CJ, Suzanne, Andy, Geoff, Simon, Becky
Apologies:  Anne, John
Secretary’s report
Accounts due by 28.2.16 have been filed. Annual return to be filed by 4.6.16.
Membership secretary report 
There are now 107 paid up members. Some members who do not have email may wish to renew.
Andy to pass their names to CJ who will get in touch with them.
Treasurer’s report
John has been recovering from a serious injury which has prevented him from providing detailed figures so far, but has reported that current balance at bank is £8135, being funds committed to projects.  Up to date accounts will be needed in order to help plan and monitor various activities.
Is working well. Some minor changes made to styling.
Talk of Totterdown
The distribution system is working well. CJ reported good progress with her links with Ciaran at Hillcrest School.
Totterdown Sprouting
Congratulations to Anne, Julian and others for their great work in making planters and seats. They
will need some funding to cover cost of compost etc. There are some funds still available in the  Sprouting budget. Anne can review the position with Suzanne – may not be necessary to apply for more funds at present to cover this expenditure. There are also funds available in the bee project budget, which can be applied to cover e.g. bee friendly plants for this project if needed.
As regards project to make planters, CJ will speak to Tyrone. These could be offered to residents planted up to put in their gardens in Green Street as an example to help to create ‘bee corridors’.
Anne had also been publicizing to local residents in Park St opposition to the Council’s proposed sale of land at the bottom of Park St, and had written a letter of objection. Also publicized on Facebook.
Becky has done an application to Bristol City Council for approval of a petition to stop development of Park St but it has not been dealt with yet.
As regards the Angers Rd junction, TRESA had been informed that formal consultation for the proposed stopping of the turning into Angers Rd from Wells Rd was going ahead; however the position is still uncertain. It seems that there is opposition by some in the Council who argue that it is needed to relieve traffic pressure at busy times on Wells Rd so that bus timetables are not adversely affected. TRESA’s positon remains firmly that these are residential streets and should not be seen as through routes for main road traffic. If necessary some form of non-violent direct action may be called for to attract public attention to it. A meeting with the Council would be useful to resolve the uncertainty.  Suzanne plans to attend the next Neighbourhood Transport group meeting on 26 Feb 2016. Objections should also be made known to local councillors.
Guidance to local residents’ groups is available from the Neighbourhood Planning Network. Becky will see if Linn Waite would be willing to represent TRESA through the Network.
Stanley Hill street party
Next proposed playing out day 13 March 2016 – plan at present is for this date to be used for preparation, clearing space, sorting out plans etc.
Grant Applications 
(1) Proposed book ‘Our Multicultural Totterdown’ is presently in limbo, due to shortage of funds. A minimum of £1600 is needed but only £1000 has been made available so far through TRESA’s Neighbourhood Partnership co-ordinator.
(2) Ornamental gates for Zone A – funding to cover erection of ornamental metal trees – a decision is still awaited
‘Question Time’ style Public Meeting
Intended as a chance for local residents to meet mayoral candidates. Venue still to be identified.
Proposed date 16 March 2016. Two hours duration. Responsibility for organizing and respective roles need to be decided.
Simon had arranged through the organization Community Payback (a community service scheme for those subject to ‘ASBO’s’) for them to come and do clearing up work on steps at Bushy Park.
Cycle Racks – 4 remaining – query whether Sam Mongon could get them fitted. CJ will ask him.
Geoff suggested an article to review TRESA’s input into 2015 Green Capital. GA to liaise with CJ.