2016-04-20 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors, 7.30pm 20th April 2016, Stevens Crescent

Welcome and apologies
Present: Suzanne Audrey, Carolyn Jones, Simon Hobeck, Anne Silber, Becky Mear, Nick Walters, Geoff Allan, Andy McElwee, John Bowen
All were welcomed to the meeting.
Apologies have been received from Aaron at Totterdown Canteen who was not able to host the meeting as planned.
A table noting ring-fenced funds for projects was discussed and agreed.
JB and CJ to liaise re advertising invoices and payments.
At this point JB left the meeting.
Company secretary
Nothing to report at this stage. All requirement for Companies House are up to date.
Talk of Totterdown
The copydate for the next issue is 20 th April. Some items are outstanding, and should be sent to CJ by the end of the week so all copy by the end of the week.
There was discussion about whether there would be a garden festival this year and how this could be advertised in the Talk of Totterdown. It was agreed that the front garden competition would go ahead with a bee friendly theme, but there would be no specific festival in the square. It may be possible to coincide the front garden festival with a table top sale, or just to have a TRESA stall in the square.
This led to a discussion about a recent successful table top sale in Totterdown Square. It was agreed that SA would approach her contact re management of the square and ask if he would allow up to 6 similar events in the year which TRESA could participant in and cover with our punlic liability insurance.
The website is running fine.
All encouraged to give SH items for the TRESA twitter account
Totterdown Sprouting
AS reported Totterdown Sprouting is on the map for Get Growing 4 th- 5 th June. There will be a work party the day before.
The orchard apple tree has still not been identified – 12 cuttings appear to have taken.
A pond has been created in the orchard area.
Bee friendly
A bee friendly theme will be adopted for the front garden competition.
‘Greening Green Street’ is to be promoted which will involve constructing planters to sit on front garden walls in Green Street
Zone A
TRESA to approach the TACA trustees to ask if they would transfer Zone A to us. This is because TACA (Registered Charity Number=298912) is a no longer functioning as a charity and it is important that the community continues to care for this site.
Park Street community space
A successful event was held in the space last month. 600 people signed the petition to save the space. BCC are putting a briefing note together about the land and the senior officers will assess whether the land will be sold off for housing. Email Peter.Quantick@bristol.gov.uk to express concerns.
Totterdown energy
Nothing to report.
Community mosaic
Suzanne met with the maosaic artist and it is proposed that the mosaic will be made and sited on Zone A this summer.
Mullti-cultural book
TRESA has ony been granted £1,000 from the small grant funds which is insufficient to produce the book. Additional funds need to be raised before this can go ahead. SA has informed the Neighbourhood Partnership about this.
Annual general meeting 2016
The TRESA AGM will be held on July 20th. Details to be finalised at the June directors meeting.
Playing out/Stanley Hill street parties have resumed, and the street will be closed on the 3 rd Thursday of the month.
BM has applied for road closure of junction of Summer Hill and Firfield Street Sat 4th June to paint the road safely (using temporary paint).
The Big Lunch will be held on Sunday 5 th on Park Street
A regular litter pick is now taking place on the last Saturday of the month, meeting at School Road Park at 10.00am. Bring your own gloves and bag. 10-11am
Tree Bristol is a scheme to plant trees, and SH is asking for trees on Zone A.
City Car Club has been taken over by Enterprise who have said they invest in local communities. SH has approached them but no response yet.
Constitutional Club on Wells Road is attempting to attract new members and revive the club. This may be a suitable venue for meetings or events although it is in some disrepair.
Congratulations were expressed for the successful ‘meet the mayoral candidates’ event
SH has applied for planning permission for the metal tree sculptures to be sited on Zone A and is awaiting a decision.
The meeting closed at 9.40pm