2016-06-16 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors’ meeting, 7.30pm 15th June 2016,  Star & Dove


Present: Suzanne Audrey (Chair), Nick Walters, Simon Hobeck, Carolyn Jones, John Bowen
Apologies: Andy McAlwee, Geoff Allan, Patrick Hulme, Anne Silber, Rebecca Mear

Previous Minutes 

Minutes from last meeting, May 2016 Agreed

Membership secretary report

Current TRESA membership now stands at 110 including 5 friends out of area.

Most renewals are now coming through via Paypal which is working well.

As discussed previously, where individuals have not renewed and do not respond to email reminders, a hard copy will be posted when a postal address is given. Mr A has provided CJ with 2 names to chase.

Totterdown Sprouting

Two expressions of interest in the project.  Growing Matters contacted TRESA and suggested there might be synergy. SH will meet to discuss potential.

 An individual, Tom, spoke with SA and emailed TOT suggesting he would be interested in helping out with the planters at Totterdown Square. His details were forwarded on to Anne Silber, but CJ will email him again saying we would appreciate his participation.

Webmaster/social media

All going well, no issues to report

Talk of Totterdown

Next issue will focus on ‘Sustainability’ and will be sponsored by Totterdown Energy. CJ will seek suitable editorial contributions.

Treasurer’s report

Updated balances have now been transferred onto a main spreadsheet.

There is still the potential of online banking, but a key issue remains validating cheques online. JB has experience of this and will continue to investigate options.

JB/CJ to devise a simple process re invoicing and recording of advertising revenues, as some BACs etc payments not always clear which advertiser they are from.

Accounts end of year is May 2016 but hopefully this will not be too onerous now system is in place. Annual Report is due July 2016 and so accounts report will be ready to go in that.


Email bulletin – NW is working on next issue and will publicise the following

  • AGM
  • Director nominations/election
  • Front garden awards/table top sale


Community Mosaic

SA has scheduled w/end 13-14 August as build date for the mosaic. Will most likely  use either Totterdown Baptist Hall or Constitutional Club as venue for creating the mosaic which will then be installed on  Zone A. A reminder will go out in ebulletin inviting participation in the project from local people. A number of local businesses eg Floriography have already expressed interest in participating.

Multicultural Book

Book on multi-cultural Totterdown: A compilation of stories from local people on what brought them to Totterdown and what they have retained from their original cultural background. Information for potential contributors will go out in the next issue of TOT, via posters and also social media.

TRESA Totterdown Garden Awards 2016

CJ will update the awards and poster with SA input. TRESA directors will do initial judging and then our Gardening correspondents will be asked to judge final 3 winners based on key criteria of ‘bee-friendly’. SA will draw up streets/judging schedule.

Suggest awards announcement is combined with Table Top Sale in Totterdown Square on Sunday 3 July. SH has been publicising and monitoring that. TRESA could have an information stall.

There is also a pilot project ‘Greening Green Street’ which involves construction of planters from old pallets. CJ has leafleted all Green Street houses inviting participation. SH/GA and a local resident Tyrone Probert of Green Street could also do some construction of planters on the day. GA is project lead on this.

Zone A tree sculptures

Metal Tree sculptures have been obtained from a community garden in Easton that was being closed to allow railway expansion.  SH has taken the lead on this project.

Funding has been obtained from the council via a small grant fund, and we have now had confirmation that planning permission has been granted.

Work on erecting the trees is expected to begin in Late July / August 2016. SH has found a local builder who can undertake the project. CJ suggested that Greenwoods might want to get involved re some sort of sponsorship of an ‘opening’ event and will email them cc SH to follow up.

Angers Road

Councillor Jon Wellington has emailed BCC requesting an update. We await response.

Big Lunch street party – 5th June 2016

A big success again and the new community space was well used – it is proving a good use of space especially for children to play in. It is noted that this community space is currently off the  market, but BCC officers will not confirm this situation and so we will continue to monitor and consider a potential Town and Village Green application.

Playing out

Continues throughout summer on the third Thursday afternoon of each month. Now also attracting more school age children – 8-11yrs old, and also more adults keen to help and get involved.

Any other business

AGM will take place on 20 July 2016.

CJ to confirm with S&D re venue and av equipt

Proposed agenda

  • Hard copies of Annual Report – all directors to submit 200-300 words to SA by early July.

  • Election of directors

  • TRESA Business/AOB

  • Following the main business of the meeting and a short break, from 8pm there will be a presentation on ARENA PROPOSALS, bringing TRESA members up to date on developments. An opportunity to ask questions prior to meeting close 9/9.30pm

Dates of next meeting

AGM – 20 July 2016 at 7.30pm, Star and Dove.

Agenda and notification of director election will go out in next ebulletin.