2016-09-21 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public Meeting, 7.30pm  21st September 2016, Star & Dove

Present: Nick Walters , Anne Silber (AS), Simon Hobeck (SH) , Rebecca Mear (RM), Linn Waite (LWGeoff Allan (GA),
Apologies: Andy McElwee (AM), Suzanne Audrey (SA), ), Carolyn Jones (CJ), John Bowen (JB).
Minutes of AGM
The minutes of the last meeting were approved.
Public Topic – Totterdown Green Spaces
AS gave a Powerpoint presentation on the benefits of green spaces, followed by a review by SH of the various spaces in Totterdown, noting existing use and potential for improvement.
Directors’ Reports
a) Treasurer
Adjourned to next meeting
b) Secretary
The Annual Return and Accounts have been filed.
c) Membership Secretary
Adjourned to next meeting
d) Web Editor
Some ‘troll’ activity was discussed.
e) Talk of Totterdown
Adjourned to next meeting (NB deadline for copy for next issue, which would focus on green spaces, is 5 October 2016)
a) Sprouting
Apple pressing event taking place on 24 September 2016 at the orchard at 11a.m.
b) Stanley Hill
Street party scheduled for 20 October 2016
c) Angers Rd –
d) Mosaic
SA had asked for help in removing base material around the new mosaic.
e) Metal trees
The builder who has agreed to prepare the bases has not given any firm idea of when this will be done. SH will chase.
Totterdown Centre – TRESA has registered its concern officially with the Council. John has spoken to Jenny Smith at the Womens Workshop. Apparently one major issue is the presence of the tenant Rob Ferranti. The property is owned by him, the Womens Workshop, the owners of the former Wong Tai Sin, and another group. It was agreed that TRESA would offer to help them as far as possible to move matters forward.
Date of next meeting
Directors meeting 19 October 2016
Public meeting 16 November 2016