2016-10-19 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors Meeting, 7.30pm 19th October 2016, Star & Dove

Present: Directors: Simon Hobeck (SH) , Andy McElwee (AM), Rebecca Mear (RM), Suzanne Audrey (SA), Carolyn Jones (CJ), Geoff Allan (GA). UWE students: Local resident, Lynn ?, joined the meeting for the UWE student presentation.
 Apologies: Anne Silber (AS), Linn Waite (LW), John Bowen (JB).
AS did arrive for the latter part of this meeting.
Minutes of Sept meeting
The minutes of the last public meeting on 21 September 2016 were approved
Treasurer’s Report
JB is unable to attend this evening but has forwarded to SH the latest amounts in the project budget headings. SH will ask JB for the additional headings (e.g. Talk of Totterdown and Administation) and the total in the bank account. SH will then circulate to all Directors.
Company Secretary’s Report
TRESA’s annual accounts have been filed at Companies House (cue round of applause and many thanks to GA).
GA needs details in order to register Linn Waite as a Director of TRESA.
Membership Secretary’s Report
There are currently 117 paid members. 1 outstanding subs from August. and 9 from July. AM has sent reminders via email and will circulate list to CJ to follow up with postal reminder.
CJ said that she is sometimes contacted by individuals/advertisers who have posted items to her via the TRESA boxes, not always clearly marked, so could AM please check with her if any unexpected post is received.
Talk of Totterdown
Latest issue at printers and will be ready for delivery this weekend. CJ liaise with all hubs re delivery. We assume NW will do New Walls this time.
All directors are encouraged to contribute to the website. Some people have difficulty adding information so SH will organise a training session if required. Important to update the calendar with litter picking, playing out dates etc.
SH feels it is time for a revamp on website design. Perhaps written in wordpress? CJ will ask a local web designer if he might be available at a reduced rate to do this. Suggested gesture would be £200 and SH to consider where funding could come from.
Totterdown Sprouting:
‘Working garden party’ has been established and first one has taken place. AS to publish regular working dates on TRESA website and include ‘winter pruning’ as next activity.
Apple pressing went very well. Thanks to Richard Jones for scratter and pressing equipment.
Stanley Hill Traffic calming:
RM understands from James Dowling that BCC are unwilling to go ahead with this due to potential impact on the wider area (it is suggested by highways that the route currently acts as a “pressure release”). In essence the £10,000 sum which BCC said was to be used to address the Stanley Hill rat run is under threat and could be ‘reviewed’. Suggestion now is that TRESA push for a different option of ‘blocking’ and making the rat run shorter, although this would put some pressure on Highgrove St.
TRESA (RM/SH) will lodge a formal complaint to BCC and push for a solution to be found.
Playing Out:
Next will be Halloween party.
Suggested Festival of Light event on FRIDAY 18 NOV to coincide with FRONT ROOM ArtTrail
RM/SH will send some photos to Mayor M Rees re business case/justification for allowing the community to retain the community space which is being well used (hopefully to consider it an asset for the community rather than a financial asset to be sold off!
‘Totterdown Centre’:
Meeting has taken place with representatives of the Totterdown Centre. The suggestion is that TRESA apply to have the building lodged as a ‘building of community asset. Also anyone taking over the leasehold needs to understand that this building is for shop/retail use (ie there should not be change of use to residential).
Directors are encouraged to consider if they know of any independent potential retailers who might be interested for the future.
RM will circulate information for directors to consider the way forward.
Totterdown Steps:
An exciting project being led by UWE architecture students – keen to invite feedback from the community and consider positive options for the future.
The UWE team provided an overview presentation on their work to date and likely involvement over the next 6 weeks. They are placing an emphasis on colour and light.
They will be present at FRONT ROOM and will also lead on litter picking and weed picking event on 30 October.
ZONE N & our community spaces:
Grant application to BCC was successful and RM confirmed that £30,000 has been allocated by the council for work on Zone N. We now need to find landscape architects/designers to work with us on ideas.
BCC happy with what we are doing at the orchard and in our community space adjoining – maintaining the area.
BCC do not want responsibility to maintain the site. Directors agreed, subject to legal title and liabilities, to take on the land if agreed and requested by former TACA organisation. However, we would expect BCC to contribute to the community by continuing to cut the grass. Further investigation is required and SA contacting BCC regarding any covenants etc.
Regarding the metal trees sculpture on ZONE A, we need to work up a spec/design for a metal fabricator to make secure fixing for these. SH is still pursuing likely contractors.
Mosaic is in place and rubble cleared. There is some clearing still needed before the area can have fresh soil and be grassed. There will be a working party for this on 31 st Oct.
An event to celebrate the Mosaic project completion – perhaps a BBQ in Spring. CJ Put in next issue TOT.
Multicultural Book:
SA is leading on this and is looking at other potential funding options as we currently have £1,000. Aviva have a fund where community projects are funded dependent on number of votes received. She will set that up and all to help publicise and get votes in.
SH suggested that James Stafford-Little could include on Bristol then and now book page.
External comms:
Reminder of events to publicise
Halloween Playing Out
Festival of light – community space 5-7pm on Friday 18 Nov.
Orchard working party – Sat 12 Nov
Festive Windows – RM will email previous participants. CJ said she is happy to participate again.
Consideration regarding ‘Wellbeing grant’. Suggested projects which could benefit/fit with this funding stream: Totterdown Steps, Talk of Totterdown (themed issues/articles for 4 issues), General running of TRESA and promotion of sustainable ideas. Need to brain dump re application and send thoughts to RM/SH.
Neighbourhood partnership – need to feedback to them regarding street cleaning issues/waste. SA will report re regime/route/frequency and coordination of contractor activities including bin collection.
Bath Road development. CJ stated that a new proposal is being brought forward on Bath Road site (currently car wash next to Totterdown Bridge). CJ will circulate overview information to enable Directors to consider and respond in a timely manner.
Issues with venue for this meeting. Unacceptable noise/music and unfriendly staff meant there were a number of delays during the meeting. CJ will text and email to Star and Dove to express disappointment and request clarification regarding TRESA use of the space for future events.
Next Meeting:
Is due to take place on 16 November 2016 as a public meeting. Venue Star and Dove – TBC