2017-01-18 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public Meeting, 7.30pm 18th January 2017, Star & Dove

Present: Simon Hobeck; Rebecca Mear; Sian Titchener; Geoff Hilton; Briony; Linn Waite; Richard; Teil; John Bowen; CJ Jones; Andy McElwee; Anne Silber, Suzanne Audrey, Jon Wellington (from 9pm).
Apologies: None received.

Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the directors meeting for December were agreed.

Directors Updates

Treasurer’s Report
JB gave a break down of the current finances per each project.

  • Energy: £3074.96
  • Sprouting: £400.42
  • Bee Friendly: £531.79
  • Zone A sculpture: £694.68
  • Playing Out: £563.55
  • Multi-cultural book: £1000 with another £1000 coming from the Aviva fund
  • Free reserves: £304.07 remaining; although SH noted there is another £50 coming in from Paypal.

There is an overspend of £252 on mosaic project.
RM proposed a solution: Sprouting; Bee friendly; Playing Out; and Zone A Sculpture – all to donate c.£60 each to mosaic project as all involve Zone A or play activities, which mosaic project encompassed. SOLUTION AGREED

Company Secretary’s Report
GH has updated the details at companies house.

Membership Secretary’s Report
Membership stands at 109 members.
Craftisan is now home to TRESA postbox instead of Gaines (who have redecorated).

New website up and running; all congratulated Simon on his excellent work re-designing the website. Simon can train directors on how to use website.

Talk of Totterdown
Next edition due in mid-late Feb. Energy will sponsor it. Suzanne would like to do an additional article on the cleansing of Stevens Crescent.
CJ will be taking over the e-ToT monthly collation and distribution from Nick.

John emphasised that the advertising revenue makes a big difference to the printing costs.

Planning Ahead for 2017

Ideas for public meetings:
Network Rail and transport (CJ); Metro (John); Bristol Civic Society (Linn); new university campus at Temple Meads (Rebecca); mental health and wellbeing (CJ); Totterdown Centre (Simon); Air Quality (Geoff).

Events for 2017:

  • Wassailing – done
  • Festival of Light: Sunday 19th Feb 5pm in community space.
  • 3-5 March – big clean up weekend organised by BCC: TRESA to do litter pick /Big Clean up event. Get TRESA volunteer tabards.
  • Sprouting big planting session – Saturday 18th March
  • Sprouting: gardening club to be second Monday of every month.
  • Monthly litter pick – call it ‘Big Clean up.’ Or ‘Keeping Totterdown Tidy.’ Do it on second Saturday of month April – Nov.
  • Spring opening ceremony for mosaic – April / May
  • Big Lunch – 18 June. RM seeking a deputy to train up!
  • Autumn – apple pressing
  • Garden competition with a picnic on Zone A: early July; check for Hillcrest summer fete date clash.



Stanley Hill/Angers Road:
Linn and Rebecca to decide how to go forward re Playing Out.

Angers road – agreed a hard landscaping on Angers Road turning off Bath Road; hopefully with a sign saying ‘Home Zone.’ Will also seek permission to have soft options on corner there and also on Stanley Hill between Highgrove St and Firfield St. Would still like to campaign on this re council planning Stanley Hill and Highgrove as official pressure releases.

Monday morning session; one new member. Orchard doing ok. Plan on community space re growing herbs etc. Simon – suggests that we apply to Tesco Bags of Help for funding. Anne to apply via this route. Include Suzanne’s need for colourful plants on Totterdown Steps. Simon to do it.

Zone A
Mosaic project – done. Celebration planned. Involve local shops who did mosaics. CJ to organise.

Ownership: Suzanne reported that the TACA trustees have not agreed to transfer the land to TRESA ownership. TRESA would also be liable for maintenance of the land. Risk is that this land will not be protected if not under ownership of a functionning community organisation. Geoff has done an official check to establish who officially owns Zone A via land registration act.
Simon will ask John Bowen if he has legal advice contacts who could advise us.

Trees: To be progressed soon, builder related issues.

Multi cultural Totterdown
Book can now go ahead as it has £2000 total. Put details in ToT first then talk to Bristol Post about further publicity. Suzanne will start it soon.  Any suggestions for contributors should be sent to Suzanne.

Zone N
Plans being made for Zone N to spend £30k. However Simon has been notified today that the money has been reallocated elsewhere due to the council’s budget deficit. Should we campaign against this decision? Still have £3k to spend on outdoor gym equipment there.

Architect firm is involved. We could apply for other grants to fund this.


Bathwell Road planning application:
Guinness Trust application was agreed but an objection is with ombubdsman re poor process.  Small group (Linn, Simon, Rebecca, Briony, Matt, Attila) have done a document to help people to structure their objections to new planning application from Crossman.  Deadline is 1st February.  TRESA to lodge an official complaint.

Linn and Briony to finalise the guidance and send out to everyone to lodge personal objections. To go out on e-ToT asap.

Sian from the Eating Room
At back of cafe, backing on to the land which is about to be built upon. Sian would like to make the garden into something that the community could use, especially as it’s off the road. Sian is the tenant of the garden. Garden is accessed from Bathwell Road, through a metal gate. Landlord is supportive re ring fencing access route and gates. Do a working party of community volunteers with TRESA help, Sian can then offer them a discount card. Landlord has offered a skip, Sian has a 7 year lease. Sian will liaise with landlord and identify a date. Provision date of 11 Feb for working party.

Totterdown Centre
TRESA has submitted an application for it to be an “asset of community value” officially under Localism Act. BCC have requested more information and SH has requested this from Jenny and forwarded on accordingly.

Neighbourhood partnership:
Council cuts means that this will no longer be operating. Council officers have asked what the community want to replace this with to reduce any damaging impact. Wellbeing grants likely to be reduced. Jon Wellington says that the budget cuts are yet to be agreed but there will be a 90% reduction in 2 years.

Recycling waste in street
Julian would like us to all complain when litter left in street after rubbish/recycling collections. Suzanne is doing a similar project on Stevens Crescent and suggests that we must all report it every time it happens.

Cycle path campaign
Cycling campaign have said that people who oppose Filwood cycle way are anti-cycling. Suzanne and Simon to do a response to this as this includes TRESA and is upsetting.

Meeting closed at 22:00 (a bit later than usual).
Next public meeting scheduled for Weds 15th March 2017 at Star & Dove.