2017-03-15 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public Meeting, 7.30pm 15th March 2017, Star & Dove

Apologies: Geoff Allan. Andy McElwee
Guest presenters: Anna & Natalie from CASS

Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting for Feburary 2017 were agreed.

Directors Updates

Treasurer was not present at the start of the meeting to provide an update.

Company Secretary
No news.  Annual confirmation statement to be done soon.

Membership Secretary
Membership secretary had given apologies.
It was noted that in 2016, TRESA received £243 Paypal membership subscription.
Update on 1st Apr 2017 – Membership stands at 103 paid up including six friends out of area

Web editor
No news.  Site is running perfectly well and people feel it looks much better.

Talk of Totterdown
TOT latest is out and delivered.  A new deliverer is required for Stephens Crescent.  CJ to ask SA if she would mind adding to her round.

ETOT: Nick will take this back on starting in April. Monthly edition. Be good to use Mail Chimp if we can as it is less likely to go into spam and it looks more professional.


Thanks to all for planting up the flower beds by Tesco last Monday. They were planted  up with herbs many with medicinal properties.

AS is approaching TESCO for more help.  The Tesco manger is willing but leaving soon. AS to chase manager.  AS will cost up information boards for the beds to get Tesco support

Orchard – SH applied to Tescos Bags of help scheme for funding.  The application has been accepted so will go forward to ‘blue bucket’  stage.  So we will get a minimum of £1000 in the next few months.

We have spare apple and pear trees for planting. These have since been donated to incredible edible Bristol.

For future reference, we could apply to the Woodland trust for trees, and BCC  wouuld be able to store them for us.

The nationwide “The Big Dig” is coming and we would like a work party to coincide with this date (which is to be confirmed).

Stanley Hill / Angers Road
BCC have designed a right angle corner to make turning harder from Bath Road into Angers Road, however we are still unsure how much difference this will make to rat run numbers and speed.  There is a possibility to test out this strategy but this may cost out of S106 funding.

There is the possibility to apply to the police for safety measures – SA will investigate as the activity must be to make community safer.

LW & SH seeing BCC tomorrow along with local councillor Jon Wellington to discuss the plan and possible options.

Zone A
TACA (Current owners of the land) are trying to get all members to agree on what to do with it. TRESA chair SH and SA to meet with TACA to discuss options. SA to continue liaising.

Mosaic party to be arranged for the summer. Part of garden festival 2nd weekend July 8th.

Multicultural Totterdown
Richard Jones from Tangent books is on board with the project.

SA is looking for photographers to work pro bono. We can credit them in the book. One photographer is already signed up.

SA will start with five  people to test the questionnaire format and best way to gather the stories.

Zone N
The BCC award has been withdrawn but we have pressed on and put together a plan that can be implemented in stages as funding can be found from elsewhere.

A work party is scheduled for 10am, 25th March.  This will be Tidying and clearing some area for planting wildflowers.

SH applied to Tesco “Bags of help” scheme.  This was also approved so we will get something. This can be used for mix of trees or planter/seats around trees by wells road crossing.

SH has also submitted applications in to various funding bodies.

May also fit into crime reduction scheme/funding.  SH to approach Avon police about getting some of their grant funding.

Guest speakers: Community Access Support Service  (CASS)

Started in 2015 and now under Bristol Mental Health umbrella organisation. 15 diff services.

They work with local community groups (like TRESA) helping to spread the awareness and information about Mental Health support in the city. CASS has knowledge of multiple organisations who can offer support for mental health and well being.

They collect feedback about services and what could be needed and feedback to Bristol MH services.

“The Sanctuary” in St Jude’s is available to provide someone to talk to out of normal office hours in non-clinical setting.

They also help people signpost to appropriate service.

It was agreed that TOT could run some stories about success stories to help promote the services and mental health in general.

The Emotional Wellbeing Fund is an activity grant for children to help teach about mental health and wellbeing.  TRESA can let local groups know about this

  • Hillcrest (PTA can apply). SH to inform
  • Local churches. LW to inform Holy Nativity
  • Physical recreational clubs
  • Brownies


20mph speed limits being reviewed
Keep and eye on 20mph speed limit on st Luke’s Rd. SA is concerned it may be revoked as the Mayor is reviewing these limits.  Councillor Wellington assured everyone that he would resist any attempt to change the speed limit back to 30.

Meeting close

Next public meeting scheduled for Weds 17th May 2017 at Star & Dove.