2017-04-19 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors Meeting, 7.30pm 19th April 2017, Star & Dove

Present: SH GA NW AM AS SA
Apologies: CJ BM LW JB

Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting for March 2017 were agreed.

Directors Updates

Treasurer was not present during the meeting to provide an update.

Company Secretary
Annual statement is due to be made, up to 7 th May and to be filed by 25th May.

Membership Secretary
Last up to date figure gives 110 members with at least 2 recent additions.
AM passed on membership money to SH to pass to JB.

Web editor
Web hosting has been renewed at a cost of £25.

Talk of Totterdown
Next edition is due out in early June with a deadline for submissions of 20th May.
There is a vacancy for deliveries to Stevens Crescent. AM volunteered.
NW reported that the draft E-TOT was accidently deleted. He is now working on May E-TOT.


Orchard and Community space work party planned for Saturday 22nd April as part of ‘Earth Day’. Focus needs to be clearing the bank, watering the new trees, and strimming.

The street planters need attention and a new coat of paint. Some of the planters need tidying and re-planting. Volunteers needed to adopt a planter and keep it watered and tidy.

Gardening club has been very successful in improving the raised beds in Oxford Square and in bringing in new volunteers. Next one is May 8th . AS is pursuing the local Tesco about funding for some wooden sign boards. Managers supportive but no results yet. AS asked if other Tresa funding might be available.

Stanley Hill / Angers Road
SH, LW and Jon Wellington met with James Dowling [Bristol CC]. Now considering widening the pavement above (junction of Stanley Hill & Highgrove/Hillside) juts after Wessex Glass to create a pinch point to slow traffic with additional visual designs at the junction with Firfield Rd. 10K still available.

SA speaking to a city design engineer for ideas around continuous pavements

Zone A
No developments since the last meeting with remaining TACA members.
Some possible legal complications. Land is currently registered to TACA. Awaiting developments with TACA.

Multicultural Totterdown
SA has meet with the publisher and hopes the book will be ready in time for the Christmas market. No funding for photographer but exploring some options.

Update 26/4/17 – SH has spoken to another photographer and passed details to SA.

Zone N
Two work parties have taken place and good progress made. New volunteers have become involved. Some work is half finished such as removing stumps and clearing bushes before they regrow.

The site has been shortlisted for Gardeners World open spaces civic improvements. We await news from the BBC.

£1,000 grant was awarded from Viridor and the cheque has now been received.

SH has applied to Gregg’s foundation for further funding.

Planning a meeting on Weds 26th April to discuss next steps.

Big Lunch
Street closure application has been made. AS contacting someone about a PA for musicians. AS will approach Bedminster Quakers about borrowing tables again. AS away from 12th May to 5th June but will liaise with BM about planning meeting and other planning.

The Big Lunch this year is planned to also be a commemoration of Jo Cox and her values.

Garden Festival
Proposed date is now Sunday 9 th July [not 8 th July]. To be held on Zone A.

Mosaic ‘opening’ will be part of the event. Lavender Broom has been asked to ‘open’ the mosaic and present the garden awards. Little Butcher may provide a BBQ.  SA is following up with CJ.

Totterdown Bridge
SH, CJ, AS and LW attended a public event and presentation by the Hadley Group. SH and CJ have provided a written response. Main issues are height and design, social housing and cost, sustainability, traffic implications and transport plan, parking availability.
Contact made with Arnos Vale resident association and discussing meeting with them.  Sandy park residents’ association could also be invited.
It was noted that a lot of development is planned along this stretch of the Bath Rd and the area needs to be considered as a ‘planning zone’ rather than allow piecemeal development.

Diesel generator ion St Phillips
Planning permission has now twice been refused. Gone to Secretary of State.  There is still an option to re-state objections. and we encourage people to do so.

Grosvenor hotel
There are objections to knocking the building down and replacing it with a glass tower. TRESA is raising awareness and encouraging community interest.

Bathwell Rd development
Still awaiting a response from the Council. Understand they are in contact with the developer.

Victoria Park cycleway
SA attended a meeting about compromise solutions with ‘Forward Together’ a mix of local people meeting with the city developers. Plan is now for a less wide path, pedestrian priority and discussion ongoing about the lighting.


SH and LW met with the new site rep for the RMG management at New Walls. Discussed cutting the bushes to open up the park and the provision of bike hangers.
There is a possibility of being able to meet with their residents’ association.

AM will stand down as membership secretary after the AGM but will remain a director.


Meeting close

Next public meeting is on Wednesday 17th May and feature guest speakers from Bristol Civic Society.

Wednesday 19th July is the AGM with guest speakers from UWE to talk on Air Quality.