2017-07-05 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Exceptional directors meeting, 7.30pm 5th July 2017, The Shakespeare

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: SH CJ SA LW JB
Apologies: BM AM AS NW GA

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes approved.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

a. Treasurer (inc Breakdown Table)
An updated breakdown of finances was presented.
Account balance stands at £8,322.14 of which £7,691.07 is ring fenced for various projects leaving only £631.07 available to actually fund TRESA activities such as insurance.

b. Company secretary
No items to report.

c. Membership secretary
Not present but no change since previous meeting with current paid membership at 110.

d. Web Editor
All well.  Website still receives spam comments but these can be ignored and junked.  This is just the “cost” of allowing comments.
SH to provide website training for LW.

e.Talk of Totterdown / eToT
TOT all in hand.  Latest edition now out and CJ gathering content for next edition.
No e-TOT has been issued for months so individual emails being sent when required to promote TRESA events.


3. Projects (5 mins each)

a. Sprouting (Orchard, Funding, Tesco Planters)
Tesco beds doing well and receiving positive feedback.
Redcurrents from the orchard could be given to people for the garden festival.
Work party is planned for the apple pressing event and others.
Orchard is now being promoted by TESCO for Groundworks scheme.  However the Totterdown store does not have a collection so we will miss out on lots of votes.

b. Stanley Hill / Angers Road
James Dowling (BCC contact for works to narrow Stanley Hill) is on holiday so no recent update.
LW and SA to attend a speed watch training to help tackle local speeding.

c. Zone A (Ownership, Mosaic, Trees)
Legal matters relating to ownership of land are still with TACA.  Once they have reviewed their details TRESA will consider if we wish to take ownership of Zone A.
SA will check with the insurance company if owning land would affect our premiums.

d. Multicultural Totterdown
Aiming for 50 interviewees from 25 countries.
SA has issued the pro forma for people to use but has had little response yet.
Other directors could assist by interviewing people and sending that to SA.

e. Zone N
£1,000 received from Viridor – Purpose not fully agreed as we have already planted trees.
Considering a round picnic bench for top of the hill. Would need to check with gym.
The pathway from the Wells Road could be improved with hogging and stone chips as stone slabs could be a trip hazard.
Need to arrange another work party to improve the area – mainly focussed on cutting weeds along the Wells Road.

f. Big Lunch
Went well and had good turnout despite being Father’s day.
Will run again next year.

g. Garden Festival
Sunday 9th July – 1pm to 5pm.
Directors meeting at 12pm to help move things from TRESA store.
All businesses attending will be self contained.
SH to send copies of membership forms and TRESA outline to SA, CJ, and LW so they can print for TRESA stall.


4. Planning

a. Bath Road
SH, LW & CJ working with Arnos Vale residents to raise issues on overdevelopment.  We have contacted Marvin Reese to arrange a meeting to discuss options.  Awaiting a response.

b. University at Temple Meads
We have concerns over the size of development and TRESA will need to meet up to agree a response.


5. AOB

a. AGM planning – Venue, Directors & Roles
SH to check if Canteen is available.
AM will stand down as Membership secretary.

b. Bristol Waste at Albert Road
BW are looking to change their hours of operation.
TRESA has previously objected and will continue to do so as local residents are frequently annoyed by the sound of smashing glass.


6. Close

a. Next Meeting
AGM scheduled for Weds 19th July (Probably at Totterdown Canteen)

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:45