2017-07-19 – AGM Minutes

TRESA AGM , 7.30pm 19th July 2017, Totterdown Canteen

1 - Opening

a. Apologies
Present: SH BM LW AS AM JB, A Brown, P Hulme, A Borsos, K Lindsay, M Bailey,
Apologies: SA, CJ

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes approved.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

a. Treasurer (inc Breakdown Table)
An updated breakdown of finances was presented.  JB also reminded everyone that most of TRESA funds (93%) are ring fenced for projects and the remaining reserves are used for ToT, Web hosting, and Public Liability Insurance
During discussion it was noted that Public Liability insurance is one of TRESA's best investments as it covers so many other activities.

b. Company secretary
Not present - but no items to report.

c. Membership secretary
107 current members, including 6 "friends" who live outside of the area.

d. Web Editor
All well.  New website design still well appreciated, and it was noted that the site is active with many new articles keeping it fresh.

e.Talk of Totterdown / eToT
CJ not present to discuss.
A new resident was very complimentary about ToT and that was the reason they attended the meeting.
It was noted that the eToT has not been issued for several months and this needs to be addressed.


3. Projects (5 mins each)

a. Sprouting (Orchard, Funding, Tesco Planters)
Tesco beds doing well and receiving positive feedback.  Thanks to the Banana Boat for supporting out watering efforts.

b. Stanley Hill / Angers Road
LW explained the recent history and the current plans.  Still awaiting details from James Dowling of BCC to confirm dates of road calming scheme on Stanley Hill.

c. Zone A (Ownership,  Trees)
SH explained the recent history of Zone A for all attendants.  Mark Bailey explained details about previous residents group TACA and that they are exploring how to hand over ownership.

SH mentioned that the installation of metal tree sculptures has been delayed by his own distraction and inability to find a reliable builder.

TRESA has been offered a Rowan tree that we will be planting on Zone A.  Mark Bailey reminded everyone that the site is intended for a community centre.  If this occurs (albeit a very remote chance) then any trees would be removed.

d. Multicultural Totterdown
SH explained the purpose of the book and that people can start to contribute.
BM asked that a log be kept of people who have  been approached so we don't keep asking and appear to pester!  SH to suggest to SA.

e. Zone N
SH explained the recent work parties and ambitions.
SH introduced the idea of installing a round picnic bench on the "hill" and requested feedback.  most were receptive but noted that any benches will become targets for litter.


4. Planning

a. Bath Road
SH, LW, AS, and CJ attended the presentation by Hadley Group on the development at Totterdown Bridge.  The impact of development was discussed and it was suggested that TRESA could hold a public event discussing the various changes around Totterdown (such as the Mayoral Husting which felt less "TRESA-ry").  BM noted that the university would be keen to present their plans, and we may be able to get other groups attending to explain their changes.

b. University at Temple Meads
Elements of the proposals were introduced and attention was drawn to the 25 storey tower.  TRESA will need to produce a comment on the plans.

A small break was held to allow people to buy drinks, visit bathroom, etc.

5. AGM

a. Annual Statement and Company Accounts
The statement and accounts were presented for review and were approved.
(Copies of these documents at end of this page)

b. Election of Directors
All directors stood down and member Andrew Brown chaired this section of the meeting.
Applications to be directors were received from  Simon Hobeck, Carolyn Jones, Geoff Allan, John Bowen, Andy McElwee, Suzanne Audrey, Rebecca Mear, Linn Waite, Anne Silber, and Nick Walters.

All candidates were proposed by Julian Noble and seconded by Mark Bailey and Attilla Borsos.


6. AOB

a. Bristol Waste at Albert Road
The planned extensions were introduced and discussed.  It was raised that the noise of smashing glass is very disruptive and any extension to working hours would be unwelcome.

b. Volunteers for NACOA at Upfest
SH passed on details on behalf of CJ that NACOA were looking for volunteers at Upfest.

c. Ideas for future speakers
SH asked for suggestions of future speakers at TRESA public meetings.  No suggestions were given other than previous idea for a meeting on development changes affecting Totterdown.

d. Totterdown Centre
SH mentioned that the Totterdown Centre and Floriography would soon be running a work party to improve the building so would be looking for volunteers.  TRESA will support their efforts and help to promote their event.

e. Guinness Trust Houses on Bathwell Road
Kath Lindsay asked if there was news on the development on Goolden Street.  LW was able to reply that developers had not been able to afford the proposed plans so new plans may be produced.


6. Close

a. Next Meeting
20th September.  Venue TBC

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:35.  Many thanks to the Totterdown Canteen