2017-08-16 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors meeting, 7.30pm 16th August 2017, The Shakespeare

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Apologies: LW JB

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes for AGM approved.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

a. Treasurer (inc Breakdown Table)
JB not present.

b. Company secretary
No items to report.

c. Membership secretary
No items to report.

d. Web Editor
No items to report.

e.Talk of Totterdown / eToT
No items in past month.  Deadline for ToT is 22nd August.


3. Allocation of Roles

Following the AGM where all directors were elected, this meeting agreed the following roles:

Chair: Simon Hobeck (Proposed by CJ, Seconded by SA)
Vice Chair : Carolyn Jones (Proposed by RM, Seconded by AM)
Secretary: Geoff Allan (Proposed by AM, Seconded by SH)
Membership: Anne Silber (Proposed by SH, Seconded by RM)
Treasurer : Geoff Allan (As JB did not wish to stand again as Treasurer, GA agreed to take on the role and GA would arrange a meeting with JB to take over existing paperwork etc.)


4. Projects (5 mins each)

a. Sprouting (Orchard, Funding, Tesco Planters)
AS reported that the Gardening Club was going well. There had still been no
response from Tesco regarding planters and signboards. They would like TRESA to take over care of
the small brick planter and it was thought that this could be agreed.

AS reminded everyone of the need to water the planters and people were encouraged to remember
to try and do so especially in dry

Apple Pressing – AS waiting to hear back from Richard Jones as regards loan of his cider press for the
proposed apple pressing gathering, proposed to take place on 1 October 2017 at 2 p.m.

Thanks were extended to AS for her excellent work on the Gardening Club.

b. Stanley Hill / Angers Road
LW been chasing Bristol City Council as regards their consultation on traffic calming measures. RM would follow this up.

c. Zone A (Ownership, Mosaic, Trees)
Regarding the metal trees, a response was awaited from Ben Howes the structural engineer
who it was hoped would undertake the task of installation. CJ to chase.

Regarding the ownership question, SA will chase

Regarding the bee friendly planting strip, although peripheral growth round the zone is now
well established, it would be right to maintain the strip which has not regrown this year with
the perennials sown by the Council in 2015. GA will contact the council with a view to
getting it re-sown this autumn.

d. Multicultural Totterdown
Aiming for 50 interviewees from 25 countries.
SA reported that this is going well. Anyone with suggested candidates for inclusion in the book should pass the details to her.

e. Zone N
SH reported that the planting and improvements were going well, but there was still work to be done. Funds were held from Viridor and Tesco which needed to be used. Suggested uses included a community notice board and a second store.


5. Planning

a. Bath Road
As regards the Bath Road development, SH has been working with other local representatives. Objections have been raised with the mayor Marvin Rees. It was planned to have a meeting with the Planning department, who in fact had acknowledged that there is a lack of co-ordination and planning in the area of the proposed development and that it has been too piecemeal. The council had suggested a neighbourhood plan, but SA on behalf of TRESA had firmly opposed the idea that neighbourhood groups should have to take on the role of scrutinizing or co-ordinating, which was the council’s responsibility. SH had also publicised the issue on Radio Bristol.
CJ and SH were thanked for all their work on this issue on behalf of TRESA.

As regards individual directors’ authority to make submissions on planning issues on behalf of
TRESA, and as regards TRESA’s relationship with Totterdown residents generally in addressing
planning matters on their behalf, and the extent to which it was entitled to purport to represent
their views, a separate meeting date should be fixed by SH in order for this to be considered, and for
policies to be agreed.

b. University at Temple Meads
This would be the subject of TRESA’s meeting on 15 November 2017. SA to check availability of the Methodist Hall for that public meeting, and to ask what they propose e.g. as to screen and projector. That meeting will need to be well publicised.

c.Bristol Waste
LW had been to meet them on TRESA’s behalf, in order to make the point that they needed to take properly effective nuisance abatement measures, which having regard particularly to the sporadic nature of their activities, ought to be more focused and specific than those they had so far proposed.


6. AOB

a. RPZs
It was recalled that last. time the public had been consulted in Totterdown, opinion for and against had been divided roughly equally. SH felt that there was now a fresh need had arisen for RPZ’s to be considered in the light of developments since then. The view of the Council was that they should be citizen led. SH felt that there should be another public consulation or survey to garner current opinion. This could be considered at a future meeting.

b. Totterdown Centre
CJ having been in touch with Vera of Floriography reported that efforts are in hand to repair the roof, and that there are hopes of funds becoming available to cover some of the costs. There could now be a more hopeful prospect of some refurbishment, and of the Centre or parts of it eventually becoming available for community activities.

c. Air Quality
It was felt that this was a proper concern for TRESA to reflect, given two major traffic routes and the various other minor traffic routes passing through it. GA would draft a piece for publication in Talk of Totterdown .


7. Close

a. Next Meeting
Public meeting scheduled for Weds 20th September (Probably at Totterdown Canteen)

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:45