2017-09-20 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public meeting, 7.30pm 20th September 2017, Totterdown Canteen

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: SH, CJ, AS, SA, Cllr Wellington,Six residents, and Guest speaker Liz Freeman of WE Care & Repair,
Apologies: LW JB RM

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes approved.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

There are no major updates but as there is now a new Membership Secretary there was a short statement from AS. Current TRESA membership now stands at 111, and renewals will shortly go out to those who membership is due for renewal.


3. Guest Speaker – WE Care&Repair

Liz Freeman provided an excellent introduction to the work of WE Care&Repair, a not-for- profit organisation that works as a Home Improvement Agency in Bristol, BANES, parts of North Somerset and Gloucester.

The organisation has charitable status and its guiding purpose is to enable older and disabled people to continue living independently in their own homes. The organisation has some support from the local authorities and other funding sources.
It can offer practical support with regards to home repairs/maintenance or adaptations required by those with disabilities (physical or mental) and over 60.

It also has a list of recommended tradespeople as increasingly rogue traders are taking advantage of vulnerable people. Individuals can be reassured by the traders on WEC&R list. The organisation also have a useful catalogue of products which are designed to make life easier for those with physical and other impairments.

Referrals often come via Occupational Therapists but carers and individuals can also self refer. Experienced and friendly team can offer advice via the telephone helpline 0117 954 3933.

Further information is available on the website at www.wecr.org.uk



4. Projects

Following the guest speaker there was a short break. Given time pressure it was decided to proceed to main agenda item of Planning as residents had attended specifically to discuss some of these items.


5. Planning

a. TRESA approach
TRESA has been working on a document which sets out a statement regarding concerns on increasing developments in the area. These developments are being brought forward piecemeal, and TRESA would wish for a more coherent strategy and consideration from Bristol City Council to ensure a more co-ordinated approach to development and sustainable outcomes. A particular concern is the increase in residents and pressure on local services as well as additional traffic, congestion and pollution. TRESA is working with other local amenity groups on this including Arnos Vale residents and those in Sandy Park.

An approach was made to Mayor Rees who suggested responsibility would be better overseen by Councillors Nicola Beech/Paul Smith. Meetings have now taken place with both and progress is being pursued now with Cllr Beech. Updates will be reported at public meetings and in Talk of Totterdown/TRESA website.

TRESA has also had useful discussions with other organisations across the city such as Bristol Civic Society and feels better placed now in responding to planning applications and being involved at an early pre application stage. TRESA is keen to support and encourage its members to more effectively comment on applications and raise objections as appropriate and relevant in planning terms.

Recent proposals being brought forward

b. Bath Road
Hadley Group, Bath Road – inappropriate height of main 16 storey tower. Some potential improvements with regards to landscaping but car parking/access onto Bath Road also key areas of concern.

c. University at Temple Meads
Second round of consultation – this is very much at a high level as an Outline Application and expect to have more involvement as more detailed Reserved Matters Applications are brought forward.

TRESA has some concerns and in particular will watch the ’height parameters’ issue.

UOB project team will present at TRESA public meeting on 15 November – venue TBC but likely to be Hillcrest School as a lot of interest. Going forward the University has stated its intent to engage with local community on facilities and get input regarding design/layout/materials etc.

NB HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy). Some concern that a new University campus would encourage more HMOs in the area. BCC is keen to crack down on this and is introducing legislation to restrict permissions to grant licences.

d.Bristol Waste
Wanted to extend hours of operation given increased workload. TRESA objected to blanket increase in hours but met with representatives and suggested BW consider a number of permits a year for extended hours as “an intermittent solution to an intermittent problem”. This suggestion was rejected and BW submitted their application as it stood with TRESA making a formal objection to extension to hours.

6. AOB

a. Motion
Councillor Jon Wellington noted that he had received a number of complaints from residents regarding noise from the nightclub at weekends. He was compiling complaints with a view to getting the licence changed – the issue has arisen since a change in the licence where previously there could be no noise outside from 10pm.

b. Zone ‘N’
BCC have confirmed in writing that monies promised for ZONE N improvements are available (S106 from a previous development some years ago). The issue is that without a Neighbourhood Partnership to manage the process no one is quite sure how this will need to be managed. SA suggested that maybe TRESA need to get quotes for work and then get those approved so work can proceed.

c. Totterdown Centre
A complex ownership history and problems with maintenance on the building but all positive moving forward thanks to creative thinking on the part of Bristol Women’s Workshop and the team at Floriography who have taken on part of the building and are making significant progress on improvements.

The former Chinese Restaurant has been purchased by J & M Ross – local residents who want to bring the building back into active use for the community. Possibly a local café and meeting room. SH (TRESA Chair) has been helping out in clearing and making safe areas of the building. It is hoped that this building will be open to view over FRONT ROOM art trail in November.
Sadly still no progress re building on the end at Firfield Street.

d. Proposed bus lane changes
First bus suggesting that there should be a 24hr bus lane on the stretch from Lilymead Avenue down to Knowle Road.
Following considerable discussion from members, who know this area well and have observed traffic movements at all hours of the day and days of the week, it was suggested that there was no need for this change. It would be detrimental to businesses trading on this stretch, would make it very difficult for deliveries and would likely cause increased traffic congestion.
TRESA will formally object. It was suggested that individuals might also like to sign petitions (hard copy) or email to object to any such proposal.

e. Air quality in Bristol
As reported in Talk of Totterdown poor air quality severely impacts individuals and governments are now being pushed to introduce legislation to deal with the issue. There is also a need to communicate the message very clearly so that individuals recognise the serious nature of this and how they can play a role in making things better.

BCC is looking to introduce ‘Clean air zones’ across the city in the near future – this will mean cars emissions will have to be reduced/older vehicles likely to have to pay for their polluting vehicles. Totterdown will be one of these zones, and consultation is likely to start soon. TRESA will advise details in newsletter, website, noticeboard.

f. Totterdown Sprouting
Note Apple Pressing day is 1 October in the Community Orchard and the Gardening Club is going well. Contact Anne Silber for details via hello@tresa.org.uk


7. Close

a. Next Meeting
Public meeting scheduled for 19:30 Weds 15th November.
Held at Hillcrest School
Presentation/guest speaker: University of Bristol TQEC team

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30