2017-12-13 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors meeting, 7.30pm 13th December 2017, 31 Stevens Crescent

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: Anne Silber (AS), Simon Hobeck (SH), Suzanne Audrey (SA), Carolyn Jones (CJ), Geoff Allan (GA), John Bowen (JB), Linn Waite (LW), Nick Walters (NW).
Apologies:  Becky Mear (RM), Andy McElwee (AM)

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes approved.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

a. Treasurer (inc Breakdown Table)
Current balance at Co-op Bank was £12,311.92.
Internet banking now set up with access by SH and GA.  Access for SA and CJ to be arranged by SH.
GA to notify Doveton that he is treasurer rather than JB.

b. Company secretary
No items to report.

c. Membership secretary
Number of paid up members currently 97.

d. Web Editor
No items to report.

e.Talk of Totterdown / eToT
No news to report. Next issue is on track.


3. Projects

a. Totterdown Sprouting
Gardening club is continuing to do well and the Xmas lunch was well attended and a very pleasant social event.
Tesco have provided bulbs for planting in the beds and some surplus were used on Zone N.
£300 of the Tesco grant money was used to purchase a shed for community space.
Wassailing is planned for noon on Sunday 7th January.  Previous attendance has been good.

b. Angers Rd/ Stanley Hill
Ongoing.  LW has enquired about the level of consultation required with Stanley Hill residents.
A meeting has been planned with the new council contact.

c. Zone A
TACA have arranged a meeting to discuss ownership of the land.  SH and SA have both expressed that TRESA are willing to take possession of the land if that is the only way to keep it safe.  TACA must come to this decision independently and then request TRESA to accept ownership. (i.e. TRESA will accept the land, but will not try to take it).
SH has chased a metal fabricator regarding the metal trees.  Hope to get this resumed in the new year.

d. Zone N
Wild flowers on the crossing have been very well received.
SH to check with local councillors that funding is available as planned.  If available then it should be spent.  SH and LW have met with other local landscape designers to come up with a revised plan for the area and are meeting with BCC in January.
When running events in Zone N, these can be advertised on the phone box.  CJ and LW have A3 laminators if required.

e. Multicultural Totterdown
Not much progress.  SA has been very writing a report for government.
SA to send out questionnaires for all directors to then use with local people.

f. Festive Windows
Project  is underway and enough houses are signed up.
Not yet received a map from Amber. LW to chase.


4. Policies

TRESA require various policies to cover our work, and also to ensure we comply with conditions of grant funding.  SA has provided a policy for “Equal Opportunities”.  This was reviewed and approved by the directors.

GA is going to register TRESA with the Information commission in light of pending GDPR legislation.

New policies to be investigates are:

  • Child Policy (AS to lead)
  • Data Policy (SH)
  • Vulnerable People (JB)
  • Health & Safety
  • Events Checklist (LW)

AS proposed a new membership payment of £10 for 4 years.  This would make membership tracking easier, and encourage larger payments. This was agreed by the directors.


5. 2017 Achievements

SH presented a review of TRESA activities over the year and a breakdown of financial transactions.
TRESA – 2017 recap

This year has seen significant increase in Income with quite low outgoings.  This is due to an insurance payout and three grant applications.  Spending is likely to increase in the new year as project get underway.

Items for 2018 were considered.  Parking and RPZs are to be covered during the Directors meeting in February.  It was also agreed that TRESA needs to have a coherent voice on planning matters and broad principles.


6. Planning

a. Stanley Hill
Revised plans have been submitted from Oxford Architects (who worked on designs for Goolden Street).  Designs are better than previously but are still too tall.  The bare brick is also very out of character.
CJ will submit the comment on behalf of TRESA.  Other directors encouraged to comment as well.

b. Illuminated Signs on Bath Road
An application for illuminated signs has been submitted.  This was previously rejects by BCC so TRESA will object to ensure it does not go through.
SH to submit TRESA comment and to contact Hadley Property group to see if they can also help resist this.


7. AOB

a. Jubilee Pool under threat
The pool is again under threat as council funding may be withdrawn.  TRESA supports the local pool and believes it should be retained.  We will support any plans to retain the pool.


8. Close

a. Next Meeting
Public meeting scheduled for 19:30 Weds 17th January 2018.
Held at Totterdown Canteen.
SH to produce posters asking local people what TRESA should focus on for 2018.

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30