2018-04-18 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors meeting, 7.30pm 18th April 2018, The Shakespeare

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: SH, LW, AS, BM , NW, CJ , GA
Apologies: SA, JB, AM

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes approved.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

a. Treasurer (inc Breakdown Table)
Bank balance : £13,577.
Some debtors are outstanding but CJ.
CJ gave money to treasurer (From ToT advertising fees)

b. Company secretary
No news, all up to date.

c. Membership secretary
100 paid up members. All going well.

d. Web Editor
Site all running well.
Website hosting will need to be renewed very soon – likely to cost ~£100.  Funds are available.

e.Talk of Totterdown / eToT
All going ok. Will be printed and ready for delivery in first week of June.


3. Projects

a. Totterdown Sprouting
All working well, Gardening Club continues Mondays. Planters all tidy. Orchard – well maintained and planning some sort of activity for Earth Day on Sun 22 April, probably focusing on “say no to plastic”. Wooden planters could do with refurb/replacement – those on last legs have gone to community space!

b. Angers Rd/ Stanley Hill
LW is chasing the council to respond, and let us know who the new officer on this case is after James Dowling moved on, it is slow and frustrating but will keep on it.

c. Zone A
GA and AS are planning to rotivate a section of the area to plant more wildflowers and bee friendly species.
The site will be used as part of the Great Get Together on 24th June so the area needs a work party before then to make it tidy.
Trees – still seeking suitable contractor/fabricator for the installation.

d. Zone N
SH gave an update on the project.
£2000 of funding was raised from Viridor and Tesco.  Bristol council has also agreed to award £30,000 that was previously given then retracted.
SH is working with local resident Clare on designs for the area and these have been presented to the council for estimating.  The council wants us to apply for more funding (not sure from where!) so we could deliver all our aims rather than just some items.  SH feels this would drag on for some time and would prefer to spend the money we have on more immediate improvements.
A work party was scheduled for late May to continue gardening works and plant some trees (using some of the £2000 funding).

e. Multicultural Totterdown
SA not present to give an update.

f. Great Get Together
Date set for Sunday 24th June.  All details being managed by CJ, BM, and AS.
Road closure is ready and letter have been printed and sent to residents of Firfield Street.


4. Planning

a. Stanley Hill
All comments have been logged with the council and it will go before the planning committee on 25th April 2018.  LW to attend
(Update : Development was given approval by council committee.  TRESA feels that this contravenes the planning policies and disregards local concerns.)


5. AOB

a. RPZ for Totterdown
Discussion was held among directors on surveying local residents about parking zones.
There was much confusion over the purpose of the survey and whether we are asking about parking zones, or just parking issues in general.
Directors agreed to think about the matter and send any survey questions to SH and CJ so we caould collate into a single set for the survey.


6. Close

a. Next Meeting
Public meeting Weds 16th May, Totterdown Canteen.
Guest speaker: Living within plastics

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30