2018-06-20 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors meeting, 7.30pm 20th June 2018, The Shakespeare

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: Anne Silber (AS), Simon Hobeck (SH), Becky Mear (RM), Suzanne Audrey (SA), Carolyn Jones (CJ), Geoff Allan (GA),
Apologies: John Bowen (JB), Linn Waite (LW) , Nick Walters (NW), Andy Mcelwee (AM)

b. Previous minutes
The minutes of the meeting on 16 May 2018 were approved. Unfortunately very few directors were
present. It may be worth inviting the same speaker to attend a later meeting.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

a. Treasurer (inc Breakdown Table)
Current balance at Co-op Bank was £12,774.33.

b. Company secretary
No news, all up to date.

c. Membership secretary
AS will review the placing of TRESA’s mail boxes. Possible re-location of one to Fox and West and the removal of the box at Patco.

d. Web Editor
The hosting is out of date, but SH has been in touch with the hoster and will ensure it continues

e.Talk of Totterdown / eToT
Next issue is due early September 2018.


3. Projects

a. Totterdown Sprouting
AS reported that the Gardening Club was going well. The Orchard is on the Edible Bristol trail.
There is a proposal to move a walnut tree from Maxse Road to Totterdown, with Zone A as the
probable site.
There was a successful Zone A work party on June 8 in preparation for the Big Get Together on 24

b. Angers Rd/ Stanley Hill
Bristol City Council have not been responding to TRESA initiatives. Mark Spurduty is
the contact there. 20mph zones are under review for St John’s Lane and St Luke’s Rd and TRESA
can invite the Council to consider including Stanley Hill.  Wells Road through Totterdown is another street that could be identified for 20mph. SA to send a link to TRESA directors so those with an interest can comment on the consultation and mention strategic streets.

c. Zone A
There is a proposal to move a walnut tree from Maxse Road to Totterdown, with Zone A as the
probable site.
There was a successful Zone A work party on June 8 in preparation for the Big Get Together on 24
Trees – still seeking suitable contractor/fabricator for the installation.

d. Zone N
There was a successful work party in May with three new trees planted.

e. Multicultural Totterdown
SA has in hand.

f. Great Get Together
CJ has plans well in hand for stalls and events. Road closure being arranged.
CJ has put posters up and she and RM have been uploading publicity online.
SA asked if an email invitation has been sent to all members.QUERIED

g. Clean Air Day
GA organizing stall for Clean AirDay 21/06/18 – plans well in hand. GA, SH, SA, CJ
to attend.
Particulate monitors – we have yet to install and connect these to the LuftData network. Proposed
sites are Holy Nativity Church, Greenwoods, Weather Station, and SHk house. CJ will talk to the first
three to see if they will agree.


4. AGM

This will be the next TRESAresa meeting on 18 July 2018. AM will not be standing for re-election. JB is currently in Brazil. There are possible candidates for future directors to be considered at AGM.
Project updates will need to be drafted. SH will send round a reminder.
SH will stand down as Chair and take on Treasurer role.


5. Communications Person

A communications officer is needed. To be considered following AGM.


6. Policies

At previous meetings it was agreed that various directors would investigate policies that should apply to TRESA, such as working with vulnerable people.  SH is to send around a reminder to directors on which policies were needed and who was looking into it.


7. Planning

a. Bath Road
There are plans for a high rise block at Three Lamps from Yarlington Housing Association.
To be monitored.

b. Arena
TRESA is not in a position to speak on behalf of Totterdown intervene in the decision process as to whether to site it at Temple Meads or at Filton because we have not canvassed the views of Totterdown residents.  However, TRESA directors are predominantly of the opinion remains of the view that it should be sited at Temple Meads.


8. AOB

a. Bristol Waste trial at Clifton View
Bristol Waste is to conduct a two month trial in Clifton View as regards rubbish collection. It will no longer be collected from outside houses. Residents will be asked to leave waste sacks in St Lukes Crescent.
Contact person at the Council is Ed Troughton. CJ will write to him to express TRESA’s concerns about the proposal and cc. local councillor.

b. Cleaning party for St Lukes Step
SA proposed an event to tidy up verges on St Luke’s Crescent and St Luke’s Steps for later in the year.


9. Close

a. Next Meeting
Next meeting will be the AGM on 18th July 2018 at 7.30 pm – This will be held at Totterdown Canteen.

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30