2018-08-29 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors meeting, 7.30pm 29th August 2018, The Shakespeare

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present:  Carolyn Jones (CJ), Simon Hobeck (SH), Linn Waite (LW), Suzanne Audrey (SA), Michelle Clare-Hudson (MC-H), Geoff Allan (GA)
Apologies: Anne Silber (AS), Nick Walters (NW)

MC-H was welcomed to the meeting as a new Director.

b. Election of Officers
Chair: Geoff Allan, proposed by Simon Hobeck, seconded by Carolyn Jones.
Vice-chair: Suzanne Audrey, proposed by Carolyn Jones, seconded by Michelle Clare-Hudson.
Treasurer: Simon Hobeck, proposed by Linn Waite, seconded by Michelle Clare-Hudson.
Company Secretary: Geoff Allan, proposed by Suzanne Audrey, seconded by Simon Hobeck.
Membership Secretary: Anne Silber, proposed by Linn Waite, seconded by Suzanne Audrey

c. Director vacancies
There are currently two vacancies. After discussion it was agreed that SA would contact CR, a TRESA
member who had expressed interest in becoming a Director at the AGM and report back to the
committee. ACTION: SA

d. Previous minutes
Have been circulated and agreed.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

a. Treasurer (inc Breakdown Table)
Current balance is £12627.47.
Insurance is due for renewal and quotations will be sent by our broker soon. ACTION: SH
It was agreed that there would be a review of the funding streams at the next Director’s meeting in

b. Company secretary
As Company Secretary, GA will file the TRESA accounts with Companies House soon. ACTION: GA

c. Membership secretary
There are 99 paid members and 11 friends.
There was a discussion about the siting of TRESA post boxes. It was agreed that three post boxes
would be retained: one at Tesco post office counter; one in Patco; and one either in the Co-
operative supermarket (GA to discuss this with them) or the Healing Courtyard (CJ to approach them
if the Co-op are unable to site the box). ACTION: GA, CJ

d. Web Editor
SH reported that the current hosting has not charged TRESA for a while. He will investigate as it may
be necessary to change the hosting arrangements. ACTION: SH
MC-H to send SH a photograph and brief information for the website. ACTION: MC-H
All directors to check their details on the website and send any required changes to SH. ACTION: ALL

e. Talk of Totterdown / eToT
The latest Talk of Totterdown has been published and is with MC-H who has taken over deliveries.
All relevant ‘hub’ coordinators to collect their bundles from her. LW and SH to liaise over their
routes. ACTION: MC-H, SA, LW, SH
SA offered to take over the monthly e-newsletter and to discuss this with NW. SH to give SA a lesson
on how to circulate the e-newsletter to all members. ACTION: SA, SH
CJ to update the community noticeboard. SA to provide CJ with print out of TRESA achievements
CJ to advise Doveton to send new invoices to SH as Treasurer. ACTION: CJ, SH


3. Projects

a. Totterdown Sprouting
AS submitted the following written report:
“Gardening club – one bed has been devastated by the drought – all the plants were small and didn’t
have the roots to cope. Other bed with the Mediterranean herbs has done better – they are more
drought tolerant. Applying to Tesco bags for life for a grant to replant and do the tulips and spring
bulbs again.
Planters – we removed the planters from the bottom of Summer Hill. Other planters could do with
some new plants.
Orchard – good crop of currants and raspberries. Few apples, no gooseberries, birds ate the cherries,
plums ripening. Don’t think there are enough apples for an apple pressing. Wondering about a
different event in the Orchard for Autumn. Maybe a clearing work party and making up some bird
and bat boxes. BBQ if dry. Possible date 13th October.
Community space – many plants also affected by the drought but can look at some replanting. Have
had a donation of a fig tree. We thought we had lost the fig tree in the top bay of the orchard, but it
seems to have revived after watering.”

The store at the orchard area had been broken into and the TRESA strimmer as stolen. After
discussion it was agreed that an insurance claim would probably not be worthwhile as there is likely
to be an excess and the store may not be sufficiently robust. It was agreed that more expensive
items should be stored in the stronger shed on Zone N (Bushy Park).

There was a discussion about the event AS proposed for 13 th October. SA has ordered a ‘We Love
Street Trees’ pack for TRESA and it was agreed this could be the basis of an event or combined with
other activities. CJ, LW, MC-H all expressed interest in helping to organise. It was agreed to check
with AS and agree a date. ACTION: SA, CJ, LW

It was also thought that the walnut tree offered to TRESA could be planted on Zone A as part of the
‘We Love Street Trees’ event. This to be discussed with AS. ACTION: CJ, AS

There has been a problem siting the metal trees that SH acquired for TRESA. CJ suggested that they
might be incorporated into the gates to the Healing Courtyard from Firfield Street and there was
general support for this idea. CJ and SH to liaise with the Healing Courtyard. This might also be
included in ‘We Love Street Trees’ activities. ACTION: CJ, SH

b. Angers Rd/ Stanley Hill
LW reported that an officer has been allocated to the task but appears to have ruled out various
options (no entry at Angers Road, build out at Angers Road, build out at HIghgrove Road). The officer
has been asked to liaise with Cllr Jon Wellington. LW to enquire what has happened. ACTION: LW

c. Zone A
TACA has sought pro bono legal advice and recommended that TRESA set up a charity to take over
responsibility for the land. SA has requested that TACA ask the Charity Commission whether their
charity can transfer the land to a Community Interest Company (CIC). We still have no answer to this
question. After discussion it was agreed that SA to approach the Charity Commission directly. GA
said he would also make enquiries about pro bono legal advice for TRESA. ACTION: SA, GA

d. Zone N
Bristol City Council have costed the proposals. SH and LW to meet with local landscape architect to
discuss and take tis forward. ACTION: SH, LW

e. Multicultural Totterdown
No more progress. SA to develop a strategy for the next Directors’ meeting in October. ACTION: SA


5. Clean Air Statement

There has been a problem with siting the particulate monitors as it requires either drilling through a
wall or leaving a gap in a window for the wiring, and this can be difficult for local businesses. GA to
investigate further. ACTION: GA
It was agreed that TRESA would endorse the Bristol Clean Air Alliance statement. ACTION: GA


6. Planning

The University of Bristol development has gained outline planning permission and will be working on
the next stages. TRESA to monitor this for the potential impacts on Totterdown.

The tall building policy is of some concern as the Mayor appears to have overruled the result of the
statutory consultation about tall buildings and the Urban Living Supplementary Planning Document
(SPD) on tall buildings strengthens the encouragement of tall buildings by the city. This could be a
topic for a TRESA meeting in the future.

Noise from St Phillips Marsh recycling has been noticeable and may be outside agreed operating
hours. Noise from Motion has also been an issue. It was not clear how to proceed on these issues.

235 Wells Road application to replace a single bungalow with 10 dwellings. It is outside of the TRESA
boundary, but individual directors may wish to object.

7. AOB

a. Project on Loneliness
SA informed MC-H that she had noted some funds available for work on loneliness, but the timing
had not been suitable. MC-H said this is an area she is interested in pursuing at some point.

b. Waste collection from Clifton View
Bristol Waste has asked people living in Clifton View to take their rubbish in bags and leave it on the
pavement in St Lukes Crescent on bin day. This is causing problems. SA to liaise with residents.


9. Close

a. Next Meeting
Wednesday 19 th September 2018.
GA to liaise with Totterdown Canteen about the use of their premises. ACTION: GA
No topic has been decided for this meeting yet, although it could be a general discussion about
TRESA activities and future work. ACTION: GA
SA, CJ and LW all submitted apologies in advance.

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30