2019-03-20 – Meeting Minutes

Minutes of TRESA Public Meeting on Weds 20 March 2019

Directors present  – CJ, AS, SA, CR, M C-H, GA,
Apologies    LW, SH.


Discussions with PCSO Tomasz Mosakowski

Drug taking and drug litter. 

TRESA expressed concern about discarded needles e.g. on Zone A and even drug taking on the bench there and elsewhere in Totterdown.   PCSO Mosakowskis stressed that it is important for each and every incident that we come across as members of the public to be reported to the Police. Even though people often feel there is no point in doing so, in fact the opposite is the case as without it, the police can not build up a body of evidence to support prosecutions of dealers and users.

Contact : Avon and Somerset Police

Public order disturbances following summer festivals

There had been illegal and anti-social behaviour last year and previously in connection with the music festival in Totterdown, particularly in Green St. The main issues drawn to PCSO Mosakowski’s attention were drugs being openly bought and taken, street drinking and resulting anti-social behaviour, and noise nuisance from loud music.

Again PCSO Mosakowski stressed that residents should report each and every incident of such behaviour to the Police.

Concerns were raised about police calling at the home address of someone who had reported an incident. PCSO Tomasz Mosakowskis stated that all reports should be treated confidentially and that ought not to happen.

As regards licensed premises in Totterdown, to the extent that any anti-social behaviour arises within their immediate area, and causes an impact on local residents, residents are entitled to complain to the Licensing Committee.

Liquor licence holders in pubs and shops like Tesco have to renew their licences annually, and the Licensing Committee can take into account complaints and objections (‘representations’) and can refuse to renew a licence or impose conditions.

Contact : the Licensing Authority (Bristol City Council) via their website.

Policing issues generally

Staffing constraints mean that police manpower continues to be very limited and officers were having to prioritize.

Concerns were raised about parking, particularly obstructing emergency vehicles. It is not practicable generally for police to be involved due to the layout of streets and the need for residents to park.  However any incidents of illegal parking such as on double yellow lines should be reported.


Directors’ reports

Deferred until next meeting due to shortage of time.

Stanley Hill

Councillor Jon Wellington reported that he had met Bristol City Council officers to look at traffic calming measures. Funds for this were still available.  Jon would arrange to meet Linn Waite and anyone else interested to consider further.

Neighbourhood Forum Event

Jon also drew attention to this event at Windmill Hill Community Association, Vivian St, Bristol BS3 4LW on Wednesday 3 April 2019 at 7 p.m. Workshops and presentations on child-friendly neighbourhoods and to develop a sense of what needs improving in the local area.

Zone A update

UWE had contacted AS to say that their legal advice and recommendations were still in hand, having been delayed by student’s work commitments, but should be available shortly.

Zone N update

Money is still available for Bushy Park improvements. SH to update at next meeting.

Talk of Totterdown

Publication date early May.

Message of support for Muslim community

TRESA will send a message of support and sympathy to Bristol Jamia Mosque in the wake of the shootings in New Zealand.

Next meeting

Wednesday 17 April 2019