Clean Air Day – thank you Cabot Tyres!

It’s Clean Air Day and TRESA is really pleased that Cabot Tyres agreed to having a ‘no idling’ sign to encourage their customers to switch off their engines while they are waiting for their new tyres. Thank you Cabot Tyres!

What is the problem?

An idling engine produces up to twice as many exhaust emissions as an engine in motion. Exhaust emissions contain air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter. These can affect air quality in the surrounding area and the air we breathe.

Is idling illegal?

Vehicle idling is an offence against the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002. The law states it is an offence to idle your engine unnecessarily when stationary. This covers all vehicles on public roads including buses, taxis and private cars. It does not apply to: vehicles moving slowly due to road works or congestion; vehicles stopped at traffic lights; vehicles under test or repair, or; defrosting a windscreen.

What can people do?

Please switch off the engine if you are waiting for more than a minute.

What are the benefits?

By turning off your engine you can improve air quality, reduce your fuel costs and comply with the law. Reducing air pollutants can help cut heart disease, reduce lung cancer and prevent asthma attacks.