A battle for the views of Three Lamps Estate residents

Residents in the Three Lamps Estate are being asked for their opinions about the way the estate is managed. They have been approached by RMG Residential Management Group (https://www.rmguk.com/) working on behalf of Places for People, and also by ACORN (https://acorntheunion.org.uk/) a membership organisation working to improve conditions for residents. Details of the opportunities to discuss management of the estate are set out below in the form of the letters sent to residents.


RMG Residential Management Group

In light of the recently reissued Service Charge Accounts a Residents’ Clinic has been arranged for your development. This is an opportunity for all owners to attend and speak to a representative of RMG on a one to one basis, by appointment about your account, service charge or any other items you would like to discuss. Please use this opportunity to meet us and talk to us about your development.

Venue Name: Totterdown Methodist Church

Venue Address: 3a Winton Street, BRISTOL, BS4 2AD

Date and Time: Thursday, 28th November, 2019 Between 12 noon and 8.00pm

Bookings will be taken by the meetings team. Meeting slots are for 20 minutes each and will be booked on a first come first served basis with the final slot being at 7.40pm. If demand is overwhelming further surgeries can be arrange to accommodate all those wishing to attend. The venue is unfortunately only accessible by steps and stairs. If you require an alternative or any assistance with this please let our meetings team know when making your booking so suitable arrangements can be made.



Dear Three Lamps resident,

ACORN members in the Three Lamps development have decided that they have had enough of poor maintenance, high fees, and dodgy accounting by RMG. Residents have joined, and still are joining ACORN, the community union, and have decided to take action together directly against the freeholder, Places for People (PfP), to demand that they deal with RMG’s malpractice.

Individually, RMG and PfP are fobbing us off and telling us that other residents are satisfied. We know that there are many who are speaking out, however. To not be ignored, and to win, we must use the strength in numbers that we have to force PfP to act. ACORN have taken on PfP before, and together we can do it again. RMG have invited residents to 1-on-1 meetings on the 28th November to try and placate us and stop us from bargaining using our collective strength, but we won’t let them distract us from our campaign to bring RMG to heel. They need more than 1-on-1 meetings with residents to be forced to address the wider issues of their management practice!

On 26th November at 6pm, you are invited to a strategy meeting with other ACORN member Three Lamps residents in the room above the George on Wells Rd to plan what our demands of PfP will be and how we can ensure that we secure them. What do we want to happen with RMG? What about their management do we want changing? What do we want to happen with the landscaping? What are our feelings about the fees and the transparency of the accounts? At the meeting we will decide on a list of measurable and achievable demands that we can bring to the management of PfP. It is really important that we get as many of us as possible to this meeting so we can make sure that when we confront PfP we are all singing from the same hymn sheet in order to effectively get our demands met.

As a result of the pressure that we have already put on PfP, their Operations Manager for the South of England has agreed to meet with ACORN member residents of the development on 3rd December. At this meeting, as a unified group we will make our collective demands for how we want RMG’s management practice on the development to change, and fight for them. This is why it is critical for all of us come to the meeting on the 26th November at 6pm to prepare, so come along–tell your friends and your neighbours!