Advertising hoardings would unacceptably interrupt views of Totterdown

The application for two 12m wide x 3m high LED digital displays on the St Philips Causeway has been refused.

The reason for refusal is: By virtue of the size, scale and location of the proposed structure, the advertisement would unacceptably interrupt long-distance views to Clifton and the Totterdown escarpment. This would unacceptably impact on the amenity of vehicle users and would be contrary to policies BCS21 of the Bristol Development Framework Core Strategy (June 2011) and DM29 of the Bristol Local Plan Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (July 2014).

TRESA is disappointed that the same policies relating to long-distance views of the Totterdown escarpment were not accepted as arguments for refusing the proposed Hadley towerblock at Totterdown Bridge.

The officer’s report for recommending refusal of the advertising hoardings is here: