Albert Road waste site working longer hours

Bristol Waste have submitted a planning application to extend their working hours of operation.  This includes baleing waste, smashing glass, and other noisy operations.
See application here:

TRESA have been in contact with Bristol Waste and objected to their application and suggested alternatives that we feel would cover their need without subjecting local residents to more noise and discomfort.  They claim to have occasional gluts of work so wish to extend their working hours.  We believe that occasional gluts should be solved by occasional extensions, rather than blanket increases.  If granted longer working hours, we feel that Bristol Waste will expand to work to fit that time (They are a business seeking to be more profitable and this would remove a constraint).Any increase in hours could also set a precedent for other local waste management sites.

We have also pointed out that the Bath Road area is subject to large amount of residential development which would have hundreds of people even closer to the waste site (At Totterdown Bridge this is literally just across the river).

We encourage people to object to this application that would create much noise and additional air pollution in the local area.  We know of people living this side of Totterdown (East of Wells Road, down the hill towards Bath Road such as Stanley Hill & Summer Hill) who have moved house as they could no longer bear the sound of smashing glass.