Application for floating pontoon across Totterdown Basin

Proposed Location for floating pontoon

A planning application has been submitted to install a floating pontoon, pathway that would connect Cattle Market Road through to Temple Quay.

This could be a  great benefit for Totterdown residents who want to access the city centre.  We would be able to walk along the river trail to Totterdown Basin, then use the new floating path (which would skirt the new university campus) before joining the existing river path all the way to the centre.  Most of this would be car free, quieter, and cleaner.

Design for floating pontoon

TRESA supports this proposal and has submitted the following comment.  We encourage other local residents to also support this plan.:

TRESA (Totterdown Residents Environmental & Social Action) community interest company supports the principle of a floating pontoon walkway.

We believe this will contribute to a very beneficial walking route from Totterdown through to the city centre, and will support the One City Plan objectives for increased walking and cycling and improved air quality.

We have concerns over the possible impact on this important wildlife corridor. The Bat survey within the planning documents was written in 2013 and the otter survey in 2014. Much could have changed in the meantime so we seek reassurance that an up-to-date ecological survey will be conducted.

We also have concerns that the path will be shared for walking and cycling. Evidence shows that shared spaces do not work well, and can cause conflict between users. People with disabilities often feel unsafe when sharing walkways with cyclists. Our preference is for complete segregation of cycling and walking infrastructure. It is also important that signage clearly states that pedestrians have priority (similar to that used on the bendy bridge next to Temple Quay).