Bedminster Green update

There are currently three major planning applications for Bedminster Green awaiting a decision. All three are still accepting comments on the planning portal, so please do have your say.


The Framework has now been approved, so we anticipate the first application, St Catherine’s, to be decided by planning committee, probably in June.

St Catherine’s (Firmstone) 18/05310/F

  • 22 storey tower block
  • 271 apartments (1 or 2 beds)
  • 25 car spaces
  • Zero affordable units

Little Paradise (Dandara) 18/06722/F

  • A mix of towers up to 17 storeys
  • 329 apartments built to rent (73% 1 bed, 27% 2 beds)
  • 84 car spaces

Pring St Hill (A2Dominion) 19/00267/F

  • 3 student towers, 11 storeys 573 beds
  • 1 affordable tower up to 15 storeys
  • Zero parking

We will be reviewing what we need to do to help achieve the best outcome for these three planning applications at the  WHaM meeting at 9pm on Monday 29th April in the Windmill Hill Community Centre on Vivien Street after their AGM. 

WE NEED YOUR INPUT AND HELP, so hope you will come and join us.


Dianne James