Bristol City Council quality of life report

The Bristol Quality of Life Survey 2018/19 Priority Indicators: Briefing Report (March 2019) has been published. More detailed information about our Ward (Windmill Hill) should be available at the end of the month. In the meantime, some key findings are summarised below and the full report is attached.

Community and Living
Over 3 in 4 people (77%) are satisfied with their local area in Bristol, about the same as the previous year (76%).

Crime and Safety
The proportion of people whose “fear of crime affects their day-to-day life” increased significantly to 18% in 2018. Only a quarter (25%) of people feel police and public services are “successfully dealing with issues of crime & anti-social behaviour”.

Sustainability and Environment
There has been a rise in the % of people concerned about the impact of climate change (now 86%). Increased concern prompted significantly more residents to reduce their waste (now 65%) and an even larger increase in deprived areas (now 61%).

Satisfaction with the quality of parks (68%) fell.

The proportion of residents who think street litter is a problem has risen to 82% citywide.

Satisfaction with the household waste and recycling services has fallen to two-thirds.

4 in 5 people (80%) report traffic congestion as a problem in their local area, and a similar number (77%) are concerned about air quality and traffic pollution. Both of these measures show a significant rise in the last year.

Council and Democracy
Overall satisfaction with how the Council run things rose significantly in the last year (to 35%). However, perception of whether the Council provide Value for Money has fallen significantly to 24%, as has perception of whether having an elected Mayor is improving leadership of the city (24%). There were also significant falls in the last year in people feeling they can influence decisions that affect their local area (now 18%) or affect their public services (now 14%).