Bristol Upholstery Collective application for workshop in Totterdown

Bristol Upholstery Collective has applied for a change of use to 186 Wells Road (previously Craftisan).

18/03792/F | Change of use of part ground floor from cafe and leisure use (Use classes A3/D2) to a use for the upholstery of furniture, training and retail of furniture (Sui Generis use).

You can comment on the application on the planning website:

Bristol Upholstery Collective’s letter in support of their application is detailed below.

Planning application Support Letter : 186 Wells Road BS4 2AL
Shop Activities at Bristol Upholstery Collective
Bristol Upholstery Collective encourages and welcomes a shared passion for creative upholstery.
As an Association of Master Upholsterers ‘Member’ and ‘approved training centre’, we make high-end, traditionally upholstered chairs for sale in shop and online, provide a bespoke re-upholstery service and deliver courses to those who would like to have a go, themselves. The Bristol Upholstery Collective workplace displays our unique chairs, fabric sample books, and home and interiors products. With an ‘open’ view for customers to see the process of traditional upholstery happening by a skilled team and students, we encourage and educate customers in restoration, furniture reuse, using sustainable materials, and the traditional techniques of the historical craft of upholstery. We ignite a curiosity and passion for the process.
As we do not use foam or modern upholstery techniques (only using natural materials), our products are time consuming to make, and therefore, prices are high. We like to offer affordable ways for people interested in our craft to express their individual style and creativity. We do this by running short courses safely within the work environment, and provide industry training in the form of a AMUSF Diploma, demonstrating a creative and realistic approach to the trade. We also appear on BBC One show ‘Money for Nothing’, where we get to share our passion and creativity with a audience of 2 million viewers.
Our skilled team are trained to teach and hold qualifications in Upholstery to a high level. All are enthusiastic about sharing skills, design, and providing quality service to all of our customers, clients, and students.
Kind Regards
Leigh-Anne Treadwell
Bristol Upholstery Collective