Bristol’s Clean Air plan: some draft documents available

Bristol City Council has made a series of documents available relating  to Bristol’s Clean Air plan. Some new draft documents have been released that relate to the Outline Business Case (OBC). Unfortunately, the full OBC is still not available.

Bristol’s air quality is known to be poor and action is required. Having missed the deadline for submission of the OBC to the government, Marvin Rees announced a new timetable: “We will submit an outline business case to government in September 2019 detailing our proposed initiatives including a local scrappage scheme, increased usage of a freight consolidation facility, a charge for the most polluting buses, taxis, HGVs and LGVs and further bus improvements. A full business case will then be submitted by the end of this year.”

The Mayor justified the delay by saying: “Our initial modelling showed that there was potential for adverse impacts on the lowest income families.” However, the evidence for this assertion is still unclear and concerns remain that Bristol’s air quality is responsible for around 300 premature deaths in the city.

Bristol City Council are due to undertake a formal consultation on the revised plans this summer. In the meantime, available documents can be found by clicking on the links below.


There are three stages (or “business cases”) in developing the Clean Air Plan. The first stage  – the Strategic Outline Case or SOC was submitted and approved by Government at the end of March 2018. The key documents are available below:

Some of our Outline Business Case (OBC) documents are available now, see below, these are draft documents and data reports that set out our methodology and assisted with our baselines for the technical work.

GBATS4M MetroWest documents:

More documents will be made available as they are finalised. The final stage in the process will be the Final Business Case (FBC). These will be published in due course.