BS3 parking survey

BS3 has experienced significant issues with parking for some time and there have been calls for the expansion of the current residents parking zone or the creation of an additional zone. However, the process for establishing or expanding a residents parking zone has been made much more difficult since the election of Mayor Marvin Rees. To assess the concerns of local residents, the councillors for Southville and Bedminster wards commissioned a parking survey.

Part of Totterdown is in BS3 but this survey is not focusing on our ward (Windmill Hill).  However the report makes interesting reading. TRESA is increasingly being asked about the possibility of a residents parking zone for Totterdown. This would involve working with our local councillors (Jon Wellington and Lucy Whittle) on quite a long and complicated process (see below).

The full report of the BS3 Councillors’ Parking survey can be viewed here: 

Some top-lines:

  • 72% of residents experience parking or road safety issues in their local area ‘all’ or ‘most’ of the time (80% in Ashton).
  • Match-day parking is a concern for 70% of residents taking part in the survey.
  • Overall, 56% of respondents state they are either ‘in favour’ or ‘strongly in favour’ of a new RPZ in the area.  This peaks at 82% in support of RPS in the terraced streets in Ashton.

The Councillors explained: “The survey was designed to conform with the Council’s standards for consultation about gauging local support for residents parking zones. We want to meet with senior transport officers and the cabinet member for Transport, Cllr Kye Dudd, to discuss how to take this survey forward.”

Access The Parking Report Here

Some thoughts from ratebs3…

Our motto is “Let’s Work Together” and it was a pleasure to work with all 4 Councillors, coming together to help the residents of BS3.  We did the work for free, because it needed doing, and we could do it.  We hope that it will help give even more of a voice to the people of BS3.

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