Change to Broadwalk redevelopment proposals

TRESA has received notification of revised details to Application No. 18/05184/P relating to the redevelopment of Broadwalk shopping centre.

Proposal: Outline planning application with all matters reserved other than access for the partial demolition, refurbishment and redevelopment of Broadwalk Shopping Centre and adjacent land to provide a mixed use scheme comprising residential apartments (C3), retail floorspace (A1/A2), cafes, bars and restaurants (A3/A4/A5), offices (B1), community (D1) and leisure uses (D2). Provision of vehicular and pedestrian .cycle accesses, parking, servicing, landscaping, public realm and associated works.

Site Address: Broadwalk Shopping Centre Broad Walk Bristol BS4 2QU

I write regarding the above proposal and can advise you that revised plans and supporting information has recently been submitted. This includes revised parameter plans which includes a reduce the height of the apartment block nearest to 16 Ryde Road from 10 storeys to 8 storeys.

The following amended information has been submitted:
1. Revised Parameter Plan 2 – Heights (Plan Ref: 1370.P.013 Rev A – this supersedes plan 1370.P013).

2. Revised Illustrative Masterplan (Plan Ref: 1370 P.015 Rev A – this supersedes plan 1370. P.015).

3. Updated Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment (December 2018) including.winter view AVRs, reflecting the revised parameter plan;

4. Updated Daylight and Sunlight Assessment reflecting the revised parameter plan. and

5. Design and Access Statement Addendum.

If you wish to comment on the application, please reply by 21 January 2019. You may view the revised details:
 via the council’s website at

 online at the council’s Customer Service Points across the city. The website at has details of the location of the service points.

You can make a comment on the application

 using Planning Online via our website

 by email to

 by letter Development Management City Hall Bristol City Council, PO Box 3176, Bristol BS3 9FS.

When commenting, please:

 quote the application number

 give your name and address