Checking the ‘walkability’ of streets around Broadwalk Shopping Centre

A walkability audit is planned of the streets around Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle. Living Streets Bristol will be looking at the streets around the Broadwalk Shopping Centre where a major addition of housing to the Centre is planned. The walking audir will take place on two occasions to make it easier for people to get involved – Wed. 8th May, 6pm and Sat. 25th May, 2pm. Follow the Eventbrite links for more detail.

This is a short walk (1 mile) on the streets around Broadwalk Shopping Centre: Broadwalk, Wells Road, Redcatch Road, including various crossings on the way – looking at the barriers to people going to and from the Centre on foot and what we might recommend to the powers-that-be to improve the attractiveness of the area to the pedestrian. You will get a chance to discuss options along the way and submit your views at the end. There will also be an opportunity at the end to double the distance of the the walk by taking the path around the perimeter of the Redcatch Park, a very pleasant outing. Ordinary, flat street shoes will be suitable. The walk is also suitable for a wheelchair user, buggies and dogs on leads. As it involves crossing roads near dense traffic, the walk is not suitable for young children. Refreshments are available to purchase at various points of the walk. Toilets are available along the way.

This audit is part of the Bristol Walking Festival’s programme of walks in May in collaboration with Bristol Walking Alliance and Bristol Health Partners culminating in a joint meeting at the Watershed on Wednesday 29th May to share findings on several audits being conducted in May.