Orchard Work party – 3rd June

On Sunday 3rd July, TRESA held a work party in the community orchard on Park street.  The event was short notice but we had a team of seven people working in the glorious sunshine.  This was the first event for new member Evie, and we are really grateful for her efforts.  It all made a real improvement.

The aim of the session was to cut back the wild growth of grass & weeds to allow the fruit trees and berry bushes to flourish.  The berry bushes appear to be doing well and we expect to have a glut of red currents in a few weeks.

working hard at the orchard

Recently planted fruit trees are also doing well on the embankment along the community space.  These are only one year old but have taken well in the sloping soil.  Bind weed was starting to wrap around anything it could touch so we spent lots of time pulling that up.

The site was previously covered in Himalayan Balsam (an invasive, alien species). This was attacked in previous work parties where we seeded native weeds and these appear to be suppressing a regrowth of the balsam.

After two hours we ended the session with a BBQ in the community space and a nice cup of tea.  The site looks much better and should provide a good crop later in the season.