Consultation on licensing scheme for houses in multiple occupation

A consultation on Bristol City Council’s proposal to introduce a new HMO licensing scheme in 12 central wards of Bristol was open for 12 weeks from 19 February 2018 until 13 May 2018. The consultation sought feedback from the public (including tenants, landlords and other citizens) on the licensing proposals, including the cost of a licence and various discounts, and asked for information about respondents’ experiences of renting or living near Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

The Council received 2,746 responses to the survey, the results of which are available in the Consultation on proposal for an additional licensing scheme for houses in multiple occupation 2018 report.

Of the 2,706 respondents who expressed a view on whether additional licensing would help resolve the issues of poor management and poor conditions in HMOs, 1876 (69%) agreed, 601 (22%) disagreed and 229 (8%) neither agreed nor disagreed.

TRESA supports the Council’s proposals for additional licensing, and remains concerned about the potential for a large increase in HMOs in our area as a result of the new University of Bristol campus at Temple Meads. The University is proposing to provide accommodation for around 1,500 of the 3.500 students it hopes to attract.

In August 2018 new case law (R Gaskin v Richmond-upon-Thames LBC [2018]) required the Council to review the structure of the proposed property licence fees. The Council is, therefore, consulting on a revised fee structure to find out what you think. They welcome feedback from people who may be directly affected, and other members of the public.

Further consultation on a proposal to licence HMOs in central Bristol – Revised Fee Structure

Please give them your views by the 20th December.