Cutting the wild flowers

On Sunday 27th November, a hardy group gathered on Zone A to cut back the wildflower area.  Following a beautiful display thoughout the summer, the old, overgrown plants needed to be cleared to make space for new growth in Spring.

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In only two hours, the area was cut back, all waste bagged up and taken to the tip.  We also had a bet on how many drink cans & bottles would be fished out of the flower bed.  Guesses ranged from 10 to 27, with the final count being 16 cans & bottles (+ one bicycle chain).

Whilst on site we also undertook a general tidy up, picking up litter, trimming overgrown edges and cutting back bramble.  Significantly, we finished the spreading of soil around the mosaic to cover the rubble.  The intention is to turf over the soil to ensure the mosaic is well presented

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